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Why do Newcastle United managers hate Dwight Gayle so much?

Posted on January 8th, 2021 | 8 Comments |

Dwight Gayle
Until Callum Wilson came along, Dwight Gayle was easily Newcastle United’s most successful finisher, and yet, apart from the odd cameo when Gayle would get a few minutes at the end, both Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce have pretty much left him to decay on the sidelines. Despite excruciatingly bad performances week after week from other forwards, and despite a desparate lack of goals from Newcastle United over several seasons, Gayle has been left on the sidelines, but why?

To be fair, he is a rather injury prone player who has had several spells of injury since he signed for the Magpies in 2016, including the early part of this season. But there have also been many periods when he has been fit and ready to go, and has still found himself being overlooked in favour of strikers with the finishing skills of Diana Ross.

Rafa Benitez was no different to Bruce in his attitude towards Gayle, loaning him out to West Brom, though to be fair, that was in exchange for Salomon Rondon, who at least did a respectable job of leading the line on Tyneside. The likeliest reason is the antediluvian style of football used by both Benitez and Bruce on Tyneside, with the team spending most of their games soaking up pressure in their own half, hoping to hit their opposition on the break. Benitez and Bruce like big ‘target men’ to launch the ball at and hope for the best but Gayle is a 5’9″ forward who likes to play more ‘off the shoulder,’ using guile and speed to lose his markers. He is a a good resource for the team to rely on when a different approach is required, but all we get is more of the same.

I think it’s fair to say that Callum Wilson has settled the argument about who should lead Newcastle’s attack, but we really need to see more of Dwight Gayle in support for want of a better alternative. The record is plain, Since Bruce became manager, Gayle has scored a goal every 181 minutes in the Premier League, with Joelinton it’s 1217 minutes and Carroll, 827 minutes. This season, since recovering from his aforementioned injury, he has only had 60 minutes of Premier League action in total, but in that he still scored a important goal to win us three valuable points against his last team, West Brom.

It is possible to see the logic, but the reality is a complete and utter failure and it’s hard to see why Gayle has been ignored for so long. Since being top scorer in Newcastle’s promotion season, he has been tossed aside like a bride’s nightie.

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8 Responses

  1. Gayle on the bench again except for a few minutes at the end even though it was an FA Cup game and Callum Wilson wasn’t playing. I won’t complain about Carroll because he was actually quite good for once but Gayle still could have played on the flank.

    Chuck, your sweetheart was hammed 3-0 in the FA Cup, by Crawley Town from League Two! I listened to it on the radio. It was even stevens then Bielsa really cocked it up apparently, he put a couple of subs on half time and the whole team went to pot. In the second half, It sounded like it was Leeds who were the League Two team as Crawley banged in two really quick goals, then another one later on, but as I say, I only listened to it on the radio so I couldn’t see anythng. Sometimes your man gets wrongfooted and he can’t adapt. He’s an ideologue.

  2. Chuck, OK, after that game against Sheffield, I’m seriously thinking of climbing on board your ‘Bruce out’ bandwagon. I remember when Allardyce was manager and we had that game against the worst Premier League team ever, Derby County, and also lost 1-0 in a similar fashion.

    And once again NO DWIGHT GAYLE!

  3. Worky

    It’s simply a case of Gayle (who does well in the second tier) can’t get a spot is the fact they have a great young Brazilian center forward, who is not worth forty cents, never mind forty odd thousand n’ summit that was paid (and the club that sold him are still laughing about it)
    Look their are still those who think he can become a goalscorer, or
    something, whereas I’m sure Bruce has been forced to ink him in, being the alternatives are non existent and may be at the bidding of our illustrate owner, who knows nothing about the game, though he recognizes being below fifteenth place in the league is not a good idea this late in any season, and the club may be on their way to the second tier
    Having hit a winless streak, blamed mostly on who in the PL we play against, which is nonsense being Sheffield has just beaten us for their first win of the season, yeah !
    Things looked good when the Saudi bid was accepted, however
    it turned out to be the biggest disappointment and although they (The Saudi’s) have got over it and actually brought about some sort of reconciliation between themselves and Qatar , this will not increase the chances of any sale, meaning we are stuck seemingly forever with a shit team owned and directed by a shit owner and coached by a useless manager, unbelievably useless, who plays strictly a defensive game, as that’s all he knows, yeah even worse than all of the failures who preceded him , the fans must be going crazy, but what can they do ?
    Well they could force a sale by Boycotting games, being until we get rid of Ashley, thing can only get worse, something he agrees with.
    SoHo’s ! here I am missing a game to-day because there was more interest in seeing Man. U.vs Burnly, ah wel ! better to miss a game against the division’s worst side, who won it by the way.
    Think I gotta forget about Nufc, it’s too depressing especially when you are locked down, with nowhere to get a beer.
    AAAaaaaaaaarrrrghhh !


  4. Surely you can get beer in New York, Chuck? or are you wailing because you want one in a bar where you can indulge in your favourite hobby, grouching at people over a glass full of suds? If you think that Bruce’s Newcastle United is depressing, you still have Trump, the aftermath to look forward to. Impeachment may seem like a very bad thing indeed for most Presidents, but the way Trump is, he’ll actually enjoy the continued attention and all the trouble he’s causing though.

  5. Worky
    Actually it’s more the exchanges from conversations that I miss, sure I gotta fridge full of bottled Amstel lite, but drinking alone is just not my thing
    I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in Trump’s shoes following his official exit without an as yet `Official Pardon` (of course issued by himself for himself) and being the present situation is unprecedented, will he have “a Pension” and all the privileges normally issued to ex president’s.
    It seems to be commonly accepted that he is super wealthy, in fact a billionaire, which I doubt !
    In any case rumor has it that he has numerous big time debts who’s owners may as we speak be lining up to hit him with a summons And after the last four years NY wants nothing to do with him,” hey! you can’t

    just upset the whole country by acting in a bizarre manner and expect to get away with it ” though both (Johnson and Theresa) may have had their bizarre moments, at least they followed precedents that are commonly accepted, however I see a similar fate for Johnson, though no where near as severe. Though the real culprit is probably sitting back in his comfortable Bored Room chair after collecting his monthly check or Cheque if you like, talking about ex Prem. Cameron who’s I got a brilliant idea,” how about us dumping the EU, through a referendum.” then we can blame it on someone other than ourselves.
    Well has Ashley panicked yet, about being relegated and is about to sign a young goalscoring center forward, which is a good thing, though didn’t they do that last season ?
    Then there’s the advocation by fans to end all of this ten men behind the ball tactics by getting rid of Bruce and bringing back
    Benitez and by doing so, give him complete charge of everything from transfers, recruiting, training, scouting, et al., it could be the beginning of a complete overhaul of the way things are run, Ashley
    agreeing to reasonable bids on everything, which could result in a well run club, not unlike Southampton. but as long as there’s no official upper management, the nothing will change apart from ugly football and the fear of relegation.

  6. The thing is though, Chuck, as I’ve said before several times now, for all his past trophies, Benitez’s method wasn’t so different to Bruce’s method. His CV, and the fact that he is that he is very Spanish tends to make people make assumptions about his style. Mourinho isn’t really one of those Iberian ‘tippy-tappy’ merchants neither. Benitez did really well at Valencia and Liverpool, but some of the football at Newcastle was a tedious grind, just like Bruce.

    So you haven’t been seduced by the charms of so called ‘craft beer’ yet?

  7. Craft beer, yeah we got so many including bars that are actually brewery’s, but who has either the time or inclination to taste them all, I know I like Dutch beers and I know I can get Amstel pretty much anywhere, Soh’ !
    No I’m afraid I disagree as far as managers are concerned, believing
    Benitez to be a much better manager than our present Geordie failure, plus I think the Anfield fans would agree.
    Though at times he (Benitez) sometimes played a purely defensive
    side, for him it was as it should be “horses for courses” in other words choose a particular tactical approach for the side we face.
    Look we are all aware that our owner has certain priorities, one being to keep the club in he PL, the other is to take a certain annual profit, all of which keep him as the owner, he appears to trust no-one, therefor making most of the decisions based on money, being he knows shit about the game and from day one has dealt with people much like himself, the only exception was the local Geordie head scout who was responsible for bringing in some decent players from both France and Holland, of course he’s gone now.
    There are a number of fans who don’t get it, but the truth is until we have an owner who cares about the club, nothing is about to change and of course I believe that the Saudi’s could have done a good job and I am still curious about the why’s and wherefors involved.
    However I doubt very much whether an offer of three hundred million will be repeated (the Saudis could) but there are few willing to pay that kinda dough for a club situated almost three hundred miles from London in an ex- industrial area, with nothing
    to offer, other than a full house @ St. James’ Park.
    Ok ! so whats the future for the club, obviously to find an owner with good intentions and deep pockets, but unfortunately that opportunity has come and gone and I doubt very much it will ever return .
    It also dictates that without a free spending owner, nowt will change and we may end up not unlike the other two former North Eastern sides, languishing in the lower leagues.

    ‘easterly premiership clubs, now languishing in the lower divisions.

  8. The big conundrum for the beer drinker with discerning tastebuds is that beer doesn’t really travel well, it always tastes best closest to the source, but you can’t always have the best brewery on your doorstep.

    On the football though, leaving Bruce out of things for a moment, Newcastle really need St Maximin back. With St Maximin they are a different team. The difference is stunning, eg without St Maximin we win 12.5% of our games, but with him we win 42%. He is the link between the midfield and the forwards, without him there is a vast chasm between the lines. This is Newcastle were taking about though so theres always the fly in the ointment to spoil things, and this time the fly is that St Maximin either injured or down with CoVid-19 as much as he’s out there playing. If he’d have been as fit as a lop all the time, we’d be doing much better but we can’t be so reliant on one player though.

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