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Why do Newcastle United managers hate Dwight Gayle so much?

Posted on January 8th, 2021 | 56 Comments |

Dwight Gayle
Until Callum Wilson came along, Dwight Gayle was easily Newcastle United’s most successful finisher, and yet, apart from the odd cameo when Gayle would get a few minutes at the end, both Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce have pretty much left him to decay on the sidelines. Despite excruciatingly bad performances week after week from other forwards, and despite a desparate lack of goals from Newcastle United over several seasons, Gayle has been left on the sidelines, but why?

To be fair, he is a rather injury prone player who has had several spells of injury since he signed for the Magpies in 2016, including the early part of this season. But there have also been many periods when he has been fit and ready to go, and has still found himself being overlooked in favour of strikers with the finishing skills of Diana Ross.

Rafa Benitez was no different to Bruce in his attitude towards Gayle, loaning him out to West Brom, though to be fair, that was in exchange for Salomon Rondon, who at least did a respectable job of leading the line on Tyneside. The likeliest reason is the antediluvian style of football used by both Benitez and Bruce on Tyneside, with the team spending most of their games soaking up pressure in their own half, hoping to hit their opposition on the break. Benitez and Bruce like big ‘target men’ to launch the ball at and hope for the best but Gayle is a 5’9″ forward who likes to play more ‘off the shoulder,’ using guile and speed to lose his markers. He is a a good resource for the team to rely on when a different approach is required, but all we get is more of the same.

I think it’s fair to say that Callum Wilson has settled the argument about who should lead Newcastle’s attack, but we really need to see more of Dwight Gayle in support for want of a better alternative. The record is plain, Since Bruce became manager, Gayle has scored a goal every 181 minutes in the Premier League, with Joelinton it’s 1217 minutes and Carroll, 827 minutes. This season, since recovering from his aforementioned injury, he has only had 60 minutes of Premier League action in total, but in that he still scored a important goal to win us three valuable points against his last team, West Brom.

It is possible to see the logic, but the reality is a complete and utter failure and it’s hard to see why Gayle has been ignored for so long. Since being top scorer in Newcastle’s promotion season, he has been tossed aside like a bride’s nightie.

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56 Responses

  1. Gayle on the bench again except for a few minutes at the end even though it was an FA Cup game and Callum Wilson wasn’t playing. I won’t complain about Carroll because he was actually quite good for once but Gayle still could have played on the flank.

    Chuck, your sweetheart was hammed 3-0 in the FA Cup, by Crawley Town from League Two! I listened to it on the radio. It was even stevens then Bielsa really cocked it up apparently, he put a couple of subs on half time and the whole team went to pot. In the second half, It sounded like it was Leeds who were the League Two team as Crawley banged in two really quick goals, then another one later on, but as I say, I only listened to it on the radio so I couldn’t see anythng. Sometimes your man gets wrongfooted and he can’t adapt. He’s an ideologue.

  2. Chuck, OK, after that game against Sheffield, I’m seriously thinking of climbing on board your ‘Bruce out’ bandwagon. I remember when Allardyce was manager and we had that game against the worst Premier League team ever, Derby County, and also lost 1-0 in a similar fashion.

    And once again NO DWIGHT GAYLE!

  3. Worky

    It’s simply a case of Gayle (who does well in the second tier) can’t get a spot is the fact they have a great young Brazilian center forward, who is not worth forty cents, never mind forty odd thousand n’ summit that was paid (and the club that sold him are still laughing about it)
    Look their are still those who think he can become a goalscorer, or
    something, whereas I’m sure Bruce has been forced to ink him in, being the alternatives are non existent and may be at the bidding of our illustrate owner, who knows nothing about the game, though he recognizes being below fifteenth place in the league is not a good idea this late in any season, and the club may be on their way to the second tier
    Having hit a winless streak, blamed mostly on who in the PL we play against, which is nonsense being Sheffield has just beaten us for their first win of the season, yeah !
    Things looked good when the Saudi bid was accepted, however
    it turned out to be the biggest disappointment and although they (The Saudi’s) have got over it and actually brought about some sort of reconciliation between themselves and Qatar , this will not increase the chances of any sale, meaning we are stuck seemingly forever with a shit team owned and directed by a shit owner and coached by a useless manager, unbelievably useless, who plays strictly a defensive game, as that’s all he knows, yeah even worse than all of the failures who preceded him , the fans must be going crazy, but what can they do ?
    Well they could force a sale by Boycotting games, being until we get rid of Ashley, thing can only get worse, something he agrees with.
    SoHo’s ! here I am missing a game to-day because there was more interest in seeing Man. U.vs Burnly, ah wel ! better to miss a game against the division’s worst side, who won it by the way.
    Think I gotta forget about Nufc, it’s too depressing especially when you are locked down, with nowhere to get a beer.
    AAAaaaaaaaarrrrghhh !


  4. Surely you can get beer in New York, Chuck? or are you wailing because you want one in a bar where you can indulge in your favourite hobby, grouching at people over a glass full of suds? If you think that Bruce’s Newcastle United is depressing, you still have Trump, the aftermath to look forward to. Impeachment may seem like a very bad thing indeed for most Presidents, but the way Trump is, he’ll actually enjoy the continued attention and all the trouble he’s causing though.

  5. Worky
    Actually it’s more the exchanges from conversations that I miss, sure I gotta fridge full of bottled Amstel lite, but drinking alone is just not my thing
    I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in Trump’s shoes following his official exit without an as yet `Official Pardon` (of course issued by himself for himself) and being the present situation is unprecedented, will he have “a Pension” and all the privileges normally issued to ex president’s.
    It seems to be commonly accepted that he is super wealthy, in fact a billionaire, which I doubt !
    In any case rumor has it that he has numerous big time debts who’s owners may as we speak be lining up to hit him with a summons And after the last four years NY wants nothing to do with him,” hey! you can’t

    just upset the whole country by acting in a bizarre manner and expect to get away with it ” though both (Johnson and Theresa) may have had their bizarre moments, at least they followed precedents that are commonly accepted, however I see a similar fate for Johnson, though no where near as severe. Though the real culprit is probably sitting back in his comfortable Bored Room chair after collecting his monthly check or Cheque if you like, talking about ex Prem. Cameron who’s I got a brilliant idea,” how about us dumping the EU, through a referendum.” then we can blame it on someone other than ourselves.
    Well has Ashley panicked yet, about being relegated and is about to sign a young goalscoring center forward, which is a good thing, though didn’t they do that last season ?
    Then there’s the advocation by fans to end all of this ten men behind the ball tactics by getting rid of Bruce and bringing back
    Benitez and by doing so, give him complete charge of everything from transfers, recruiting, training, scouting, et al., it could be the beginning of a complete overhaul of the way things are run, Ashley
    agreeing to reasonable bids on everything, which could result in a well run club, not unlike Southampton. but as long as there’s no official upper management, the nothing will change apart from ugly football and the fear of relegation.

  6. The thing is though, Chuck, as I’ve said before several times now, for all his past trophies, Benitez’s method wasn’t so different to Bruce’s method. His CV, and the fact that he is that he is very Spanish tends to make people make assumptions about his style. Mourinho isn’t really one of those Iberian ‘tippy-tappy’ merchants neither. Benitez did really well at Valencia and Liverpool, but some of the football at Newcastle was a tedious grind, just like Bruce.

    So you haven’t been seduced by the charms of so called ‘craft beer’ yet?

  7. Craft beer, yeah we got so many including bars that are actually brewery’s, but who has either the time or inclination to taste them all, I know I like Dutch beers and I know I can get Amstel pretty much anywhere, Soh’ !
    No I’m afraid I disagree as far as managers are concerned, believing
    Benitez to be a much better manager than our present Geordie failure, plus I think the Anfield fans would agree.
    Though at times he (Benitez) sometimes played a purely defensive
    side, for him it was as it should be “horses for courses” in other words choose a particular tactical approach for the side we face.
    Look we are all aware that our owner has certain priorities, one being to keep the club in he PL, the other is to take a certain annual profit, all of which keep him as the owner, he appears to trust no-one, therefor making most of the decisions based on money, being he knows shit about the game and from day one has dealt with people much like himself, the only exception was the local Geordie head scout who was responsible for bringing in some decent players from both France and Holland, of course he’s gone now.
    There are a number of fans who don’t get it, but the truth is until we have an owner who cares about the club, nothing is about to change and of course I believe that the Saudi’s could have done a good job and I am still curious about the why’s and wherefors involved.
    However I doubt very much whether an offer of three hundred million will be repeated (the Saudis could) but there are few willing to pay that kinda dough for a club situated almost three hundred miles from London in an ex- industrial area, with nothing
    to offer, other than a full house @ St. James’ Park.
    Ok ! so whats the future for the club, obviously to find an owner with good intentions and deep pockets, but unfortunately that opportunity has come and gone and I doubt very much it will ever return .
    It also dictates that without a free spending owner, nowt will change and we may end up not unlike the other two former North Eastern sides, languishing in the lower leagues.

    ‘easterly premiership clubs, now languishing in the lower divisions.

  8. The big conundrum for the beer drinker with discerning tastebuds is that beer doesn’t really travel well, it always tastes best closest to the source, but you can’t always have the best brewery on your doorstep.

    On the football though, leaving Bruce out of things for a moment, Newcastle really need St Maximin back. With St Maximin they are a different team. The difference is stunning, eg without St Maximin we win 12.5% of our games, but with him we win 42%. He is the link between the midfield and the forwards, without him there is a vast chasm between the lines. This is Newcastle were taking about though so theres always the fly in the ointment to spoil things, and this time the fly is that St Maximin either injured or down with CoVid-19 as much as he’s out there playing. If he’d have been as fit as a lop all the time, we’d be doing much better but we can’t be so reliant on one player though.

  9. Actually the only thing that has changed is, Ashley wins either way !
    He can continue and do nothing, saving money but gambling.
    He can fire Bruce woulda, coulda, shoulda ( last week.)
    Though we haven’t had a great side, SBR’s teams were highly entertaining and there were those recruited by the Geordie scout
    plus the hits by our DM , keeping the opposition’s heads up, had Ashley kept all of those signed French and Dutch, we may not have ended up as annual suspect for relegation.
    It’s just a fact that the club has fewer quality players and I don’t see
    anyone making any sensible moves, to continue as we are is not the answer but this how things are working out.

  10. Nah ! one can notice the downward slide of NUFC within the PL
    certainly a side more associated with relegation than any silverware .We have been relegated twice during the Ashley period and appear to be associated with the also rans, rather than the top sides.
    Ashley knowing little about the game , but was willing to attempting various directions, one of which was spending during the winter window and brought in some decent players, but he still wanted his annual piece of the action, which he got through immediately selling them for a decent profit, only to realize he would have to repeat the
    same selling of any decent players, which resulted in having the same problems each season, instead of attempting to build a competitive side.
    Unfortunately now we have become a club that depends on both mediocrities and free agents, a definite recipe for disaster.
    The problem lies with our owner and fact is we are not a club that
    can expect to go anywhere without spending big and he just refuses
    to invest , so why is he hanging on, it could be a decent buy, being the club infrastructure is that of a modern club, so no investment is necessary apart from a decent manager with a free hand to invest.
    And who else can guarantee some fifty thousand plus every second week, and contrary to opinion, bums in seats (although not the main income for most clubs) remains a nice piece of change for owners.
    However the growth of Ashleys big box stores and the extra earnings from the side playing in the EPL, means it will be invested in real estate as opposed to buying football players as long as he is the owner.
    That is his present policy and not something we can expect to change, which is the main reason for the present crap side with a crap manager who play boring football and in conjunction with the pandemic fail to earn much.
    The rest of the EPL sides have invested big time and have improved their stadiums and brought in new players,
    And looking at the league standings it’s usual to find the bottom sides and newly promoted clubs to be languishing among bottom few.
    Which could result in a league with only eighteen clubs, as there are presently more than ten sides that could win the league, a scenario that few countries can rival .
    But hey ! whadda ya gonna do ?


  11. It hasn’t been a good time for your sweetheart recently, Chuck. He’s lost every game since he beat us. It’s five in a row now, including losing 0-3 to a League One team. If it was Steve Bruce, I’d bet you’d want him crucified.

    Of course, Newcastle United have had better squads in the past, they’ve had worse too.

  12. Yes I keep in touch with how Bielsa is doing, which is either a high scoring game pro or con, as of recent it has been mainly con.
    The main difference between both NUFC and Leeds, is that Leeds plays a much more attractive game and I have as yet to see him change his present style to an ugly defensive role, presently being played by by
    Bruce regardless, like his recent game against Sheffield,
    I mean what was the point of playing a defensive game against the bottom side in the league, who apart from this outing had not won a game, Aarrghh !
    I guess Ashley must be contemplating changes, as continuing with this loser nothing is about to vary or

  13. AAAAAaaaaaarrrggghh !
    how can anyone watch Newcastle, this game is not just boring it’s a disgrace and a personal insult to all fans.
    And why are the Geordies still in the PL, it’s certainly not reflected by this crap side .
    And if this is the future of nufc then there is no future
    and I blame it all on our owner who’s only interest is taking his annual cut .
    FFS ! sell the club to someone who cares, however
    that’s no easy task as only those with no respect for
    money could afford to spend the three hundred grand
    presently being asked and where did Ashley come up with his number ?
    Unless the fans can force him into selling by Boycotting the game, leaving him without any bums in seats money.
    I’m afraid this is the WORST Geordie team I have ever watched, which doesn’t say a lot for whoever buys the players and manager and doesn’t deserve to be a PL member and I actually believe they will be playing in the second tier next season and that’s before the season is only halfway through .
    Awful! awful !, auful ! the worst and it’s all the fault of our owner, a money grubbing jerk. who neither cares about the club , that is why he hires the cheapest and worst managers being he wants any manager to
    take the blame for his lack of spending and when he breaks down and needs a goalscorer we end up with a brilliant Brazilian center forward who is good for an amazing amount of goals , that’s all three of them.
    Enough of this crap, get rid of him.

  14. Calm down, Chuck.

    Worst side ever? In the 1991-92 season we had an Argentinian manager like Bielsa, a World Cup winner called Osvaldo Ardiles. We were almost relegated, from Division Two! Then along came a little man with a big heart, a curly perm and the rest is history, or it would have been but we didn’t win any trophies. Far more recently we had McClaren / Carver and the ‘Keegangate’ season before that, both ending in relegation.

    The problem is easier to express than it is to fix, we’re absolutely shite without St Maximin, he is so crucial to the team in terms of carrying the ball to the front. Without him there might as well be a huge chasm between the lines. As I pointed out above, we win 42% of games with St Maximin, but less than 12.5% without him (I calculated 12.5 before the Arsenal defeat), which is even worse than Carver’s 15%.

  15. I just can’t even mention this club anymore, they are an embarrassment both to fans and the general public, falling into the category of a joke club and heading full bent to-wards the second tier, though I’m sure Ashley will still take his annual % cut, after all it’s
    SD that funded our present plight and has his attention and had he spent a bit more attention on NUFC and perhaps a few more quid and hired a top management group, could possibly become a hero, but that’s obvious looking back that he obviously has no interest in doing anything other than keep the club where the money is. The EPL.
    I wonder how it feels having an entire city and surroundings hating you for destroying a club by using any profit from the club to back up his recent real estate and failed companies buys.
    How nice it would have been had the Saudis took the club out of his hands, in fact anyone with the necessary wealth, not necessarily to buy a winning side, simply one that wouldn’t look out of place in the league, in other words competitive, with a decent upper management and a manager who knows what he’s doing , instead of hiring a local lad. not a bad guy, just not a manager and never will be, but he came cheap and has very little in the way of authority, meaning he is simply the guy who decides how the club will play and who gets to play, so we will not be losing anyone special when he’s eventually fired.

  16. Yeah I’m also a bit pissed @ Bernie, however I doubt if he ever intended to run for the Presidency and appeared content to be a king maker, or at least demand certain policies from whichever Dem. made the cut.
    Bernie reminds me of a certain ex shadow PM, though a much more outspoken and someone who
    gave the appearance of a leader, however he’s doing good work in the Senate and can be called upon if needed.
    Now Joe is a different story, someone who can hopefully bring the nation together and spread the billions around instead of directing them to those who have never enough….
    and we can all feel relaxed as I doubt Joe has any
    radical change’s other than to ensure the world returns to some form of normalcy.

  17. I’ve stood up for Steve Bruce, now I’m going to for the ultimate ‘Devil’s Advocate’ prize. I’m going to stick up for Donald Trump!!!!!

    Obama – war, Bush – war, Clinton – war, Bush Snr – war, Reagan – war.

    Trump? He’s an odious buffoon but he was a relatively peaceful odious buffoon. As for Biden, he’s just the same old, same old. The term you use for journeyman managers, ‘retread’ would be perfect for him.

    So, you’ve gone off Bernie but you’re still up for the Saudis? Do you not think your moral compass might be getting a bit rusty?

  18. As I have never quoted any political line I particularly
    support I don’t understand why you could reach such a conclusion, my son who is a Marxist, often mistakenly calls me an anarchist, which is his understanding of anyone of the left who doesn’t agree
    and support marxist policies.
    Sure the written basis for a strong and equally shared
    party may have been a tempting future to most of the working classes, unfortunately the only remnant of that era is the NHS, with a majority of other nationalized industry’s reverting back to their former owners.
    And it’s obvious that the fact the UK is as much of a
    monarchy as it has always been (I mean they did and to a degree still have an equal amount of say, in most cases) Done quietly and undisclosed to the public.
    They had to get rid of the royal yacht, but is it not time to also eliminate having a whole train to take them on vacation in Scotland, no wonder the Scotts dislike royalty.

    They also have (by their support of the Torys ) a natural ally in the wealthy.
    Which extends from royals to those with other titles
    (offered by the monarch) like certain titles a bit out of date, for example orders of the British Empire, some non existent Empire though Queen Elizabeth made certain that The aging King in waiting was named as head of another non existent organization, which was
    designated as a replacement for the Empire, but was and is still a joke, only remembered as former colonies, which provided the wealth of Empire.
    of course I’m talking about the barely existent Commonwealth of Nations, basically a non starter and
    a bit of a joke. it was originally named the British Commonwealth.
    Yeah the recent (since the end of WW2) fall from grace
    basically a loss of income, due to the loss of empire
    as a wealth generator.
    It’s those changes that are responsible for Brexit, which was a complete balls up and will prove to be
    responsible for a farther reduction of living standards,
    But leaves those involved and everyone else aware of it’s introduction, the fact that most Brits. are racist .
    As for the Saudi’s their history is a hell of a lot better to-wards most others, than that of The British Empire
    and it’s successor The UK
    And tell me which country was forced to join in US invasions of both the Middle East and Afghanistan,
    and are still there, if you are unaware you can ask
    Labours Tony Blair, who was known as Present. Bush’s poodle.
    Nowt wrong with my moral compass, perhaps you should check your own.
    Certainly not gonna happen by asserting that con-man and general buffoon Trump, avoided any involvement with war by going around the world and meeting with such people as the North Korean leader or becoming a good friend of China, where he was
    used by smarter more aware leaders.
    Now Joe Biden, not exactly my choice but possibly a figure who “knows the ropes”and can make any of Trump’s changes brought into line with with the help of a certainly more aware cabinet, not acting and making speeches in an attempt to impress, while
    at the same time being used by them.
    Can you say the same thing about your guy with his
    carefully arranged uncombed look, though of late I have noticed it’s not quite so uncombed, ?

    Bush’s poodle.






  19. Chuck, to be fair I don’t think the monarchy has a great deal of say in things these days.

    Privilege still exists but it’s not aristocratic privilege (mainly). That started to decline with the Reform Acts. Privilege lies in the hands of what would have been the upper middle-class factory owners in the Victorian era. The movers and shakers in big business. The rich industrialists.

    Connections help too of course, but that also comes from money. If you can afford to send your kid to Eton, chances are he or she will make some good connections.

    Sure, there are still stuffy old institutions like hereditary titles, but the richest people in the country are all business owners rather than aristocrats.

    And in terms of institutional power the House of Lords isn’t all that effective against a strong majority Commons. It amends bills from the Commons, but the Commons just amends them back again.

  20. Worky

    If what you say about the royals, how do you explain that which has always been there in the north east, right on your doorstep The Duke of Northumberland
    and his wealth that includes over thirty farms, plus most of the real estate of the city of Newcastle .
    Which is the visible wealth, not mentioning the hidden assets, the wealth held by the Duke, we are talking about invested in some remote bank in former specks of land not wealthy enough to become independent and who’s banks were eventually, specially set up to accept funds of the worlds wealthy, who’s laws prevent investigation.
    Surely you are aware of the Panama papers scheme. which garnered such attention a few years back , but subsequently disappeared with time.
    This is not a condemnation of the descendence of Harry Hotspur who by the way own a fair chunk of realty in London also, I mean this is one county in England where royalty still owns and dictates too.
    Are you saying it’s not true of the country as a whole.
    that the rest of those carefully erected stacks of bricks
    are owned by businessmen, and yes I understand many country estates were owned and lost through the imposition of death taxes following ww2, but as you say many were owned by businessmen.
    Other offered their estates to the government and were converted to other uses, and most continue to collect fees from tourists to stroll around their grounds .But the involvement of estate managers who probably informed the owners, the estate cannot support itself through farming ( unless you own the whole county )
    I think you may be mistaken as to where and how the related royals money comes from.
    The UK has purposely established banking and investment centers such as Bermuda, the Virgin islands , The Bahamas and Cayman Islands, The Channel Islands , Turks &.Caicos Isles. places for the most part unknown, apart from the worlds wealthy who use businesses like the one that caused the uproar entitled the Panama papers.
    Leaving their investments unlisted for tax purposes
    and fairly untraceable.
    Not bad work if you can get it, of course !

  21. A quick browse through the latest news states we may see our local man Bruce finally realize he is going nowhere with this side and resign, the fact is he has been resigned following being dropped as a player by MU back in the day, being an awful manager, but essentially a decent guy.
    It appears Ashley is about to buy more Big Box space which could cost a lotta dosh, and who knows could be willing to put the Toon up for sale again, though I doubt he can sell the club for three hundred million.
    And speaking of sales it appears my belief that the original sale had more to do than we will ever know, that is the Saudis sale was doomed from the start, it being a hot political situation.
    Look no mid level league representative is going to take it upon himself to aggravate both Saudi-Arabia
    and a billionaire by banning the sale then offering an arbitration that sounded like lets just forget the deal because it’s too sensitive, huh ! what does that mean ?
    Sell the club please, being it’s obvious where your future lies “in the rag trade”
    Yeah ! while the club is sellable, or suffer the fate of Sunderland who may never see the EPL again, being we are going down again, which reduces the price of the club and the funds available.
    And what’s that about ?

    1 the sale to the Saudi’s. I recall mentioning that and the general feedback was, nah !

    then let me ask , doe’s anyone know anymore about the cancellation of the sale, or is a state secret ?

    there’s a lotta people who are fans, but we gotta get this guy to move on and if not now when?

    I believe Ashley will do well financially, but billionaire or not nufc is of little use to him at present, he needs funds, sell !
    Hey! no-body’s gonna pay the kinda money that was offered, but as we realize “that deal’s gone, for whatever reasons.”

    The question that arises is, as always what’s gonna happen, is our future the same as Sunderlands.

  22. Chuck, you just can’t stop yourself with the anti-British bile, you just erupt like Krakatoa when you just can’t hold it down any longer. Forget all that rubbish about Harry Hotspur and the Queen, Hugh is closer to the mark, as far he goes. History started in the North of England around 1760-80 depending on which historian you go with. Nearly all the stuff that’s ever been made, and the wealth, has been made since then. That was the rise of the ‘rich industrialists,’ in Britain, and then the rest of the world. You Americans may think the UK is like Downton Abbey, but there aren’t many real aristocrats.

    In the UK the Bourgeoisie, the rich industrialists were making the money, but they were quite lazy about power initially, but that started changing in the Victorian Era when industry and expansion were going at full steam and the Bourgeoisie needed power to feed the voracious monster of Capitalism.

    After WW2, the UK had huge war debts and unlike today, the rich were hit too. Many beautiful stately homes were demolished during that period with death duties and such, though I don’t suppose the people still living in awful housing in a landscape still pockmarked by the Luftwaffe worried about that too much.

  23. Hmmm !
    I suppose this is your version of history is it ?
    Yes the industrial revolution did make many UK residents wealthy, however traditional land owned by those who have owned it since the Normans took over remained for the most part.
    But yes there were the so called industrialists who had enough dosh to erect a bunch of bricks on a plot they had also bought to enclose it with carefully designed parklike Capability Brown designed estates.
    And yes some did well many running for political office, then there were the minor industrialists, those who usually bought land in smaller amounts, the inventors Parsons, who invented the steam turbine,
    plus, the manufacturing companies that designed the means to replace workers with machines, etc.,
    Vickers Armstrong is an example ,
    However many were the result of owning land on which coal was located, a robust area during the industrial revolution, with mining, steel making, arms manufacturing, ship building and repair, and other smaller industries dependent on those big industries, which is now dependent on selling stuff
    over a phone line, following de-industrialization brought about by the infamous Maggie Thatcher, who
    believed in a service industry, who knows perhaps she was right, but she certainly did it the hard way , with little thought for those that were deprived of work.
    And interesting enough left most of the city of Newcastle empty, being most buildings apart from
    some classic stores were offices and a few hotels.
    Being the city had few residential buildings, apart from those necessary offices.
    It appears most residents were housed in the nearby suburbs and the city has still to resolve what to do with itself, of course the University has expanded
    and will no doubt continue too.
    However the fact remains that The duke of
    Northumberland has kept all of his realty and will cont
    -tinue too, ever try buying real estate in the UK ?
    And for the most part this is repeated throughout the UK, no !
    What you described that most land was in the hands of wealthy industrialists is nonsense, in fact they are in a minority when comparing the actual measure of land owned by those who were granted it by the Normans.

    As for Nufc. the side is crap and are about to lose their spot in the EPL, though hopefully our dear owner
    who needs a few million to buy big box realty now that it’s cheap, though it seems obvious that outfits like Amazon are replacing them.
    It’s a toss up as to who has done the most damage to the area Maggie or our dear owner for the last few decades or so .
    And the fact is the tech industry has no borders with
    corporations like Apple, Amazon and others forcing
    amazing changes in every walk of life and their profits and ownership, recognizing neither state or country
    or certainly in the case of the gradually reducing itself UK and it’s dumb-ass move out of the EU trading zone.
    Although you may believe your PM and his constantly
    predictions that the UK can be more successful as a separate trading system, which we all are aware of is nonsense, being most believe it to be a a political embarrassment, ah well !

  24. Oh ! on the question of land ownership, were there not rescues by major US industrialist’s, who married
    their daughters of to prevent the loss of both titles and their poorly run estates.
    And was it not true that took place in the family of Winston Churchill, his mother being from Brooklyn ,
    why hell he could been a “Dodger”. fan

  25. Chuck, nobility and the landed gentry still own a lot of land in the UK, but it doesn’t earn them the money or influence it once did.

    A lot of the nobility’s land was rented out for agriculture and grain prices plummeted at the end of the 19th C, whilst taxes on inherited wealth increased in the 20th C. Many estates were sold or broken up. The money the land was making dropped significantly. This is why tours of stately homes started. The land stopped earning them so much money and they had to show the commoners around their homes for a fee to supplement their income.

    The financial power in this country lies with corporations, oligarchs and industry. That financial power buys influence. And when it comes to influence, I would imagine some social media ‘influencer’ I’ve never heard of has more sway in political and social circles than the Duke of Marlborough these days.

    The new nobility are the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They’re the people with the connections, the influence and the money. You can be as mad as a box of frogs these days, but if you’ve got a million followers on social media you have influence, and you’ve probably got at least £10 in the bank for every one of those followers (probably more like £100 in some cases).

    Things started changing slowly in the mid 19th C and the pace of change is accelerating. Your view of England is about 150 years out of date. I’m not denying royalty, nobility, the crown estate (or whatever) still own a fair chunk of land. But the biggest chunk of money and influence no longer belongs to them.

    Not, in some ways, that it matters. Whichever way you look at it, you still have a rich, powerful and influential elite. It’s just that far fewer are aristocratic elite and more are industrial elite.

  26. Chuck, you just throw stuff together without any coherence at all – a Capability Brown here, some Norman invaders there, throw in Maggie Thatcher and the Percy family. What does it all mean though? Bugger all!

    Newcastle looked like a ghost town after John Hall opened that awful Metro Centre to bring the US style ‘mall experience’ to Geordieland. I suppose that was a part of ‘Thatcher’s Britain’ though.

    On the game, Newcastle were better after St Maximin came on, though we shouldn’t be so reliant on him.

    As for the EU, even the Irish have been condemning them over their recent behaviour in the ‘vaccine war’ and Macron’s stupid, impetuous statement accusing the Astra Zeneca vaccine as being “almost ineffective” on over 65s. That’s the kind of stupid thing that Trump would say. They have retracted their threat now, but it’s caused such a stink it’s even making Boris Johnson look good!

    Hugh, don’t forget that up to 30% of Twitter followers are fake, redundant, spam or whatever, and followers can also be bought in bulk. Using those figures, my MP, Jeremy Corbyn (2.4 million Twitter followers), would be worth somewhere between £24 million to £240 million. I think that the Daily Mail would love a story like that!

  27. Worky,

    Good point about the fake followers. I probably should have added that the social media influencers need celebrity status and a good marketing head to be part of the new nobility. Then they can turn each follower into £10 or £100.

    As to NUFC, we’re in danger of being a one man team, such is the effect St Maximin has on the side. Really we should be buying a clone of him this transfer window if we want to avoid a relegation battle. I like Almiron but I don’t think he has the influence of St Maximin.

  28. We looked good before St Maxinin came on today. It was a very different approach, and far more attacking. No problems getting the ball forward and Callum Wilson was all over the place. It was a very good performance from everybody but Lascelles is starting to get rather clumsy.

  29. Look you should both both check your references when quoting who owns what.
    Fact is Royals and those included in that category presently own more than 30 % of Englands green and pleasant land.
    with corporations a further 15% Oligarchs and banks 17%
    which in fact leaves Englands residence around 1 %.
    In which it’s you who’s beliefs are way out of date, Hughie !
    And fact is I know what I’m talking about.
    And yes I recall shortly after the end of WW2, that a number of non royals who owned land and coal mines, lost a major earning from
    coal minding due to Appropriation through nationalization.
    Most lost their owning due to heavy taxes applied for that purposes
    though few of those with royalty connections did.
    Soh !

    For Hughie “he just called it off the top of his head” , stating yes those with royal connections no longer exist that the majority of land was under the control of those who had made a fortune in the industrial revolution with others those who invented such things as the steam
    turbine and other aids to that revolution. who bought various smaller estates.
    When those that own thirty percent of the land speak, they can have
    a serious effect, however former industrialists did not and do not own a majority, however those with a serious relationship with the monarchy .
    And what is it about mentioning Harry Hotspur, the Percy family and others that annoys you so much, being it’s all a part of the story.

    Actually I recall mentioning a European Super League previously and how likely it appeared to come to fruition, only to be chastised for even believe of that possibility.
    Well now certain US owners have reached the conclusion there’s money to be made from what’s known here as Soccer, a game played with ones feet, as opposed to a game that for the most part is handled called football, a game that was developed here, it was originally a copy of rugby , however the two original colleges that played eventually added their own rules and voila we had American football.
    There is a league and not to be understated have a Super Bowl. instead of a World Series, as a world leading country we have to explain it with terms like super and world. how ever I digress.

    At present due mainly to the fact the EPL just happens to be the wealthiest league in Europe to the financial dealings with tv.
    A European league could almost put them out of business, like watching the European championship on a weekly basis.

    Of course I believe you stated you were against such a league then and so was I, only mentioning it as something of interest.
    Look it’s only natural that a group of foreign owners may be interested in belonging to such an organization, at present both Liverpool and MU and other foreign owned clubs appear interested
    and I was surprised to see NUFC on a list of EPL clubs (listed by the wealth of their owners) nufc being one of them.
    Though the present side is obviously heading for relegation and unless we make the usual signings may be gone forever having a terrible season under a poor manager, the side has suffered due to Ashleys failure to establish a decent upper management team and having bought a Brazilian striker who’s success rate is three goals in a season and a half accentuates the poor management from top to bottom.

  30. Chuck,

    You must have missed the first paragraph of my comment where I said:

    “Chuck, nobility and the landed gentry still own a lot of land in the UK, but it doesn’t earn them the money or influence it once did.”

    I never said the majority of land is under control of the industrialists. I said the majority of money and power lies with the rich industrialists.

    Perhaps try reading the comment you’re replying to next time eh?

  31. Chuck, at least some of those ‘facts’ are complete nonsense. The three biggest landowners in the UK in terms of acres or whatever are the Forestry Commission, the National Trust and the Ministry of Defence. The Queen ‘owns’ the Crown estates, but she doesn’t own the Crown Estates. It’s ‘only’ 360,000 acres, that’s slightly smaller than London. She’s not allowed to sell any of it. They are not considered as her property as an individual, they are held by the monarch. It’s our funny olde English ways.

    What did you think of the game the other day?

  32. Worky
    “At least some of those facts are complete nonsense,”! how do you change a fact to nonsense?
    I suppose your facts are as claimed by one of Trumps advisors, ” alternate facts”, being you make no claims about the amount of land still in the hands of
    those awarded by “Billy the Conqueror” which I repeat is around thirty percent and that the odd forestry and other numbers have been introduced to confuse the issue and are the real nonsense.
    I don’t watch nufc anymore I’m afraid, “too painful” !
    Yes it must be a break for the fans, being wins are
    like checking oysters for pearls and I’m convinced the club will be relegated, not to mention the ugly style of to-days game where it usually takes one side or the other the same old routine of spending lots of time to get the ball across the halfway line.
    Makes one wish for the return of “high ball , high ball kick the ball and run”!

    and Hugh, yes I did in fact read your carefully worded
    attempt at not being specific, but understood what you were attempting and the fact your original claim
    that special interests (those wealthy untitled businessmen you claim owned a majority of the land).
    Sounded great, but on examination proved to be not even close.
    As for Worky’s claims “ridicules as they are”, I just laugh at how riled up he gets .


  33. Chuck, thanks for telling me what I was attempting to write. I was very confused there for a minute. I was sure I wrote what I intended to write.

    I will phone the hospital and get an urgent philological scan to see what’s wrong with me.

  34. Hugh
    I know what you attempted to write, a putdown of the yank who has the. audacity to inform Brits. of parts of their history without pre checking to see if you are right or not.
    By hedging what you say, as opposed to Worky who just jumps in certain that his ridicules version like quoting such nonsense as the “Forestry Commission”, “the National Trust”plus the fact The Queen does not own The Crown Estates, though never asked, even quoting the acreage which I had better add in case anyone cares. It’s thirty odd thousand acres and can’t be sold bla bla bla. …………
    and has a giggle to himself by adding proudly, it’s part of our olde English ways
    Ermmmm !
    Enough already !
    And Hugh, yeah you can have all the scans available
    and it wont change the fact that I was right in claiming those titled sub royals do in fact still own the
    majority of Englands green and pleasant lands, though some may be short of a bob or two, but hey, there’s still the possibility they may have marriageable daughters they could marry off who have the necessary few quid, perhaps even a Brit, being there’s plenty of footballers with plenty of dosh, or a singer in a rock and roll band.
    Could be worse I guess, but now that Brexit is done and dusted, will have to live in a country who’s standard of living is about to be reduced, shouldda stayed where you were.

  35. Chuck,

    You are prone to building straw men to attack in a way that suits you, which is a fallacy.

    I’ll try one more time, for all the good it’ll do, by repeating a paragraph from my earlier post:

    “I’m not denying royalty, nobility, the crown estate (or whatever) still own a fair chunk of land. But the biggest chunk of money and influence no longer belongs to them.”

    You have to bear in mind that for land to earn money it has to be productive in some way. You need to build on it and collect ground rent, farm it or whatever. Unproductive land can be a bind. A lot of land that was once productive and providing tidy incomes for the lords of the manor stopped being productive in the late 19th C.

    Some noblemen still did okay out of their land, but others struggled.

    But it was part of a process that had been going on since the 1830s or thereabouts and is still going on today. There’s a shift in the power base with a gradual decline in the riches and influence of nobility. Industrialists, oligarchs and others have taken over.

    That’s all there is to it.

    I wrote what I meant to write. If that’s wrong, then argue the point. But if you’re just going to tell me I was attempting to say something other than I did, we’ll get nowhere.

    Having said that, I think in your last post you were attempting to say you’ve always been a massive fan of the Cheeky Girls, which you should be thoroughly embarrassed about.

  36. hugh
    Sorry ! but I have no clue as to what you are on about as far as The cheeky Girls are concerned ?
    I’m aware of “The Slits” a decent women’s movement group or the Russian girls political band, but by the sound of it Cheeky Girls are some kind of British phenomena, no ?
    Anyhow, I’m not in the least embarrassed by them, having no clue as to who or what they are.
    What does surprise me is your revival of terms which have been out of date since the end of empire, stuff like Landed Gentry and Nobility, I mean does anyone
    ever use such terms anymore, apart from yourself ?

    And yes , I have no argument about others (non original land owners) owning a certain amount, it’s only expected that some families have had to sell or at least marry a rich industrialist over the last thousand years or so, take Churchill for instant, the result of a wealthy mother from Brooklyn, rescuing
    the family by introducing great wealth into it.
    But by doing so kept the original family name as owners.
    So we have to go to those keeping score and find that Thirty percent of those mentioned in the Domsday-book have in a way, successfully continued as owners.
    Never mind I don’t call them Landed Gentry or Nobility terms no longer acceptable to most, certainly following the end of Empire.

  37. Looks like Ashley has seen the writing on the wall, as he attempts as usual to survive in the EPL, by spending a few bob around this time of year, only to sell them off once survival is assured.
    Hell it’s his club , he owns it and can do whatever he decides within he law.
    I have noticed a revival of hope and certain hints by those writers working the local NE papers in regard to the original sale taking place, which Newcastle fans
    grasp at like the proverbial straws.
    I was fortunate enough to watch the original early fifties side where my hero Bobby Mitchell played the left wing, a decent side, and I have to say any blame
    should be placed on Ashley who is in control of every
    part of upper management for selling off such players to the present top sides of the EPL.
    And believe that they were the picks of the Geordie scout subsequently laid off, on his one way ticket through both France and Holland.
    Yes we actually had some competitive sides believe it or not and Ashley ended up with a decent season or two.
    However he has seen the result of his lack of spending and the result is, we have only a couple of goaltenders and the French winger who will no doubt
    bring in a good profit when sold soon in the Market.
    It will be a close call whether we go down or survive.
    Our only hope is to acquire a new owner and the original deal by the Saudis looked so good in retrospect, but nothing comes easy on Tyneside these days, Ah Well !

  38. The terms ‘landed gentry’ and ‘nobility’ are quite acceptable this side of the Atlantic, Chuck. Not quite sure how they would be unacceptable to anyone to be honest (or even what you mean by ‘unacceptable’).

    Don’t worry about The Cheeky Girls. The point I was making is that if you’re going to tell me what I was ‘attempting’ to say, I’ll tell you likewise.

    I’m with you on The Slits, though. I remember buying their ‘Cut’ album. I don’t think my parents were too impressed that Ari Up, Tessa Pollitt and the other one (whose name escapes me right now) were topless on the cover.

  39. Oh well. We lost, but it was a respectable, attacking performance and Crystal Palace did very well.

    Hugh, the ‘Cheeky Song (Touch my Bum)’ is a classic!

    Of course, the value of land is mostly dependent on its purpose, it could be an acre of land in Mayfair with planning permission for a ***** hotel or whatever, or a acre of grazing land out in the middle of nowhere. You can buy a piece of land for next to nothing, get permission to build stuff on it and all of a sudden it’s worth a fortune. Therefore, you also have to factor that in as well as mere size. Of course, the Grosvenor’s were very lucky in that regard as much of their land happens to be all the best bits of central London, which is better than owning Dartmoor. They’re still poor next to software billionaires, e.commerce pioneers and that Bond villain type who makes the electric cars and the spaceships.

    Chuck, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is when it comes to verifiable facts. The Queen and her scions do not own most of the UK, that would be over 30 million acres. That might be the size of the average ranch over there but things aren’t like that over here.

  40. Ah ! The Cheeky Girls, you say they are Rumanian, that constantly border changing and politically unknown part of the Balkans, home of Vlad the impaler, which has been part of just about every expanding Empire within reach from Rome to the Soviets.
    Remember reading a book named The defense of Plevna, which took place during a war between Russia and The Turkish Empire, in the 1890’s, a report by an Irish- American writer, claimed by some as the first war correspondent and though Plevna was located in southern Bulgaria, the Russians were victorious and had only to march to the capital, but were prevented by the threat of the British and French battle fleets located near Instanbul, which ended up with the Turks awarding Britain ownership of Cyprus, that’s if you ever wondered how it (Cyprus) became a part of the Globe colored pink.
    But how do you reach the conclusion I ever stated the Queen and her scions owned thirty million acres, what I did claim was the written amount of land held by the original owning families was thirty percent, check it out !
    And don’t ask as what I thought of any NUFC game, as I have until our present owner offloads before I intend to watch them play again, too painful.

  41. Worky
    Your attempt to confuse the discussion of who owns what, with nonsense such as comparing grazing land with expensive real estate in the choicer regions of London is just going from the sublime to the ridicules, what about the vast amounts of acreage in both England and Scotland designated for grouse shooting, which brings in a decent amount of dosh, the highland clearances was another, get rid of people who had lived there for many generations tossed off the land only to be replaced by sheep.
    And it appears the king in waiting owns a great deal of property in the Duchy of Cornwall, where he practices methods of farming
    in carefully selected little areas, which reminds one of sharecropping as it was practiced and still is too a much smaller degree of course.
    Ever do any Salmon or Trout fishing, if not be prepared to get ripped off big time , as those who own the land on either bank, rent it out (beats). at a ridicules prices.
    How much does a days grouse shooting or fishing a beat cost, don’t ask!
    As ridicules as this sounds, it’s no more confusing as that stated by you, just another straw man argument made to confuse the issue.

  42. Interesting article in to-day’s , BBC News.
    Concerning “Pres. Joe’s” policies on the Gulf States, which involves both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both
    not exactly warring but close and each backed by allies, one of which is allied through arms and aircraft sales, the other by investment owning a great deal of the recently constructed Londin realty. to the tune of fifty billion or more. it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out, who is who.
    Which is no doubt the reason for the prevention of the proposed sale of NUFC,
    Why ? no-body’s talking , but it’s certainly not due to some employee. working for the EPL, who has been ordered to leave things as they are for whatever reasons?
    Not that it matters being the Toon are gaining doon and we should be able to watch derby games soon against both Sunderland and Boro, the reason’s are obvious. of course.
    So if anyone is looking for reasons for the cancellation better call your local MP, who no doubt knows, but
    obviously, it has more to do with international politics .
    being both are big earners for the British government.
    And as time passes so does the hurt caused to the fans who have to suffer on with two “Kna nowt jerks”
    Ashley and Bruce .
    Plus I was surprised that they “The Fans ” quietly folded” after the decision, no one wanting to know ?
    at least everything else is cool, but Ashleys regular
    panic buying at this time of year may not work, as the
    side is crap possibly the worst so far and the less said about Bruce and his knowledgable boss the better.

  43. Oh put a sock in it, Chuck!

    Don’t you have anything to say about the game on Saturday? It had everything, attacking flair and drama for a 3-1 lead in the first half, then a series of mini disasters when they got a second, we had a man sent off, then another injured after we’ve had three subs so we’re down to nine, but we still hold out to the last. It’s all just doom and gloom with you. We might have a hard time in the next three games but I really don’t think we’ll get relegated unless we have one of those crazy ‘only at Newcastle’ type events. Their style has really changed and overall, Bruce has done very well in the last three games.

  44. Erm yeah, unfortunately I did watch the game against a side that
    was coming off a game where they shipped nine goals, only a few days before.
    And yes they were very lucky, considering the circumstances, which doesn’t in any way induce me to even consider watching them at any future date, as they are awful.

    Sure there’s a chance that they may squeak bye without taking a fall, but only because of the quality of to-days bottom three.
    Apparently Ashley agree’s, being he hasn’t bought anyone , which
    is his usual means of evading relegation.
    The side are just awful to watch, they can’t put more than two passes to-gather and I’m particularly annoyed with our so called playmaker
    the lazy bald midfielder who’s top speed is no more than a jog.
    We have a decent striker who is injury prone, as a matter of fact we have an entire team of injury prone failures it’s a problem that only money and a decent upper management, including a real manager which certainly excludes Bruce and I am not the only one who thinks so.
    Which leads me to the point, what is it exactly that you dislike or is unfair when discussing nufc and the problems associated, where have I been unfair or spiteful ? I call it like I see it.
    You may disagree with my assumptions but an exclamation like” Put a sock in it” is meaningless without reason.


  45. Chuck, Southampton have also beaten Liverpool this season, twice, along with several other good teams. I just go on what I see and try not to be prejudiced, and Newcastle have been like a different team in the last three games. Part of it has been a more attacking formation etc, and St Maximin’s return has provided a lift to the team too.

  46. Worky
    How do you reconcile a statement like “played with attacking flair and drama”, in regard to the (orrrible) game that was actually played .Either you know little about the game apart from statistics , mostly
    bull***t numbers, meaning nothing.
    This is undoubtedly the worst side put out by NUFC, since Ashley took over and will be a candidate for relegation, as of right now.
    Though there are already three sides, one of which recently beat Nufc @ St James Park.
    If in fact Nufc are lucky enough to escape the drop, it will be because of how poor the present three bottom sides play and what I see are clubs that are gradually improving.
    I guess Ashley must have a couple of would be buyers, who are not about to spend the kind of dosh offered by the SAK, however his window of opportunity is passing if he is to acquire the bread for expansion through a sale .
    Ah well ! it’s tough being a fan in an area almost three hundred miles from civilization, even when the fill the stadium with well over forty odd thousand locals, for each home game.
    But it appears bums in seats are not quite enough these days as one also has to be politically astute, which unfortunately both Ashley and the Prince are far from.
    I suppose we will hear the official party line (tory) at a later time.
    But you can bet your ass it has more to do with politics than
    the game of football.
    Then again we have our own crap with Trump to consider, soh……..!

  47. Appears like relegation is just around the corner, whats our dear owner to do ?
    Not a lotta choices I’m afraid, as we are gradually drawn into the orbit of those desperate to avoid the drop, though it’s too late now to spend (Ashley took a risk that didn’t work)
    I suppose he needs as much dosh as will buy him a few choice stores, the present fact is that corporations that sell through the internet like Amazon, who can deliver the goods within two days or so can be bought with a few strokes of the keyboard, certainly a better deal than having to travel and visit various stores, to find the desired article.
    Too late to buy anyone now, which should keep our dear owner in a state of uncertainty due to the fact few foreigners are about to spring for three hundred million quid for a recently relegated side almost three hundred miles from London and a lousy side to boot.
    Ah well ! had the original offer been acceptable we would still be
    possibly unhappy, each with his own list of star players we should buy, ah well that’s life !

    I suppose the one time Ashley refused to buy (winter window)
    player/s, guess money is tightest when one really needs it and with the current available big box box retail store @bargain prices it’s now or never.
    However a struggling club recently relegated from the EPL, almost three hundred miles from London, is not exactly a deal most foreign would be owners would consider.
    Soh! I guess it’s playing against the other sides in the same bag, like Boro. and Sunderland, though I doubt if they will generate much enthusiasm.
    Thanks a lot Mike .

  48. Chuck, looking at the way we are playing, I don’t think so, though of course, previous experience has taught us that chaos can descend at any time at Newcastle United. There are some things which still annoy me, but our last two games were against top teams who played well. I no longer regard watching the games as a chore, or worry that I’ll fall asleep in the middle and if you still say that the team haven’t changed their approach, that’s wrong.

    Have you had your jab yet?

  49. I just read that Lennon , the Celtic manager has resigned.
    Now there’s a lesson for our local geezer to follow , that’s if he has any gumption, which could give us the fans at least some satisfaction that someone cares .
    It’s been obvious that he is pretty dumb when it comes to tactics and doubt that he can be a success,
    at least in the top league, perhaps he should be or could be employed by Gatesheed, though actually I doubt even they want him.
    As for Ashley who has refused to spring for any players this season, resulting in making a survival buy or two out of the question and who wants outta NUFC,

    but needs the sale price as capital to purchase a few prime big box stores, to add to those already in his hands.
    Soh ! where does this leave us ?
    Heading down to meet up with the Mackem’s and Boro., with no easy guarantee of ever returning, that’s what Ashley has given the most loyal of fans , ermmm
    thanks a lot Pal.
    You know I can’t imagine why the man invested in a football club, well actually we all know why, it provided him with free advertising and a few million each season, where he attempted different management systems, (most which lined his pockets)
    but reached the conclusion that it would take more than his one or two billion, to properly finance a football club.
    Most fans detest him and included were most of the managers he hired, apart from Benitez, who IMO, was the only one hired who given the right support could have built a decent and somewhat substantial side, enough to establish a top ten EPL side.
    Yeah ! a lotta fans believed it and why not.
    Unfortunately Ashley refuses to spend the money required and refuses to give anyone the ability to use funds without his say- so.
    Hopefully time being of the essence to make the purchases of property he covets, how much can he get for NUFC as a second tier club, not much more than Boro. or S’Land.
    Serves him right as he has had opportunities to sell on a number of occasions and certainly understands that he is detested by a majority of fans and there is
    little he can do about any of his problems, which most fans understand and don’t care about, what they want is to see him leave and never return.
    With the hope a new group of owners can rebuild the side and they (the new owners) have enough dosh to compete within the worlds richest league.

  50. Worky
    Have I had my shot yet ?
    Not yet, as it is turning out to be those that have dosh or a position of power the Mayor and Governor and the Wall St. crowd have all been vaccinated and the way things are working could be weeks before I get
    mine as one has to register and make a appointment.
    which is like a state secret as to where and when.

    Actually both the UK and US are failures when one examines the results of the last year, Trump gave up earlier and had problems with wearing a mask, even suggesting at one period, for people to inject themselves with household cleaners, insanity ruled !
    if you don’t believe it look at the numbers, they explain it all, then we have the Governor “Coumo”
    and the NYC mayor arguing and offering differing
    opinions on what to do and who controls the opening and closing of various opening times for schools, cafe’s bars etc.
    Where no one at present know whats happening ,
    Yes sir the two most populous English speaking countries are leading the leagues in deaths and the number of those like myself un-jabbed as you refer to it, which is being dispersed in the most chaotic manner and like on most occasions without will or wisdom.
    Ah well, suppose I will have to take my own evasive action, rather than accept the guidance of the clowns who spend most of their time mansplaining in their own way via TV.
    God help us ! as our leaders have no clue !

  51. I had my first one a few days ago, they gave me the Pfizer vaccine. In the UK they either put their private sector cronies in charge of things and it all goes completely tits up, or they have to put the NHS in charge of it and it goes pretty well. The vaccine part has been the NHS. It’s oldies and people with complicating health factors first.

    As for Gateshead, they have the Baresi of the potteries, Mike Williamson, as their manager, so why would they want anyone else?

  52. Worky
    I suppose being a non rated individual, yet in the age range of early qualifying, I don’t really care I have survived the worst hopefully.
    The reason being there’s a controversy in regard to which of the vaccines is the most reliable , considering what appears to be a number of variations of covid 19 # appearing.
    And of course we have basically a ridicules two shots version, which appears to be the result of early introduction of the vaccine.
    Though when one has the ability to introduce an early cure , every
    system should be evaluated and if deemed safe then used even if it requires a booster shot at a later date.
    Choice for latecomer’s using the Johnson &Johnson inoculation would it appears need only one shot, but anyway the wait will still take time and we are unsure whether choice will be available,
    Because let’s face it pretty soon there will emerge a scandal in regard to prices, with each differing manufacturer wanting reimbursement for it’s product, plus a hefty profit.
    In which just be grateful you don’t live in a war torn area or some place in a remote part of the dark continent.
    Hell I live in NYC and still have no clue as to where and when I can
    expect to receive a shot even when paying attention, never mind what the competition level is, ah well !

  53. Oh well, a decent performance, but only one point to show for it.

    Chuck, you should be in one of the early groups. I’ve had no problem with mine so far, it’s the flu vaccines which don’t agree with me very much, I’ve been fine with the covid one so far, but I still have another second one to come in the fullness of time.

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