Saint-Maximin’s brilliance won’t be enough to keep Newcastle up

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Allan St Maximin
Will ‘the Saint’ be enough to save Newcastle?
There is only one thing that stops the “we want Brucey out” chants at St James Park and that is the expectant roar whenever Allan Saint-Maximin gets on the ball. Indeed, even the most fed-up Geordie will momentarily put his grievances with the manager to one side to appreciate the spectacle that follows.

The French winger breathes life into the terraces of St James’ Park and reminds fans of why they fell in love with the sport in the first place. Indeed, Saint-Maximin’s carefree nature with the ball at his feet is a throwback to simpler times given that his approach is so refreshingly straightforward: run at the opposition and put the fear of God into their backline.

It is wonderfully exciting and gets everyone off their seats but we need to talk about how it won’t be enough to single-handedly keep Newcastle up this season. That’s not a slight on Saint-Maximin’s ability but rather a statement on how deep the problems run at Newcastle. First, let’s focus on Newcastle’s points tally this season.

In five games the Toon have managed to rack up a mere two points. Naturally, everyone hopes that will change going forward but for now, it is enough to anchor the club in the relegation positions and leave them at 11/10 in the latest Premier League betting markets to be relegated. Not quite odds-on just yet, but getting closer every week.

Now, let’s focus on the games where Newcastle have picked up their points. Steve Bruce’s men got off the mark in late August against Southampton at St James Park with a 2-2 draw against the Saints. It looked like for all the money in the world that Saint-Maximin’s 91st-minute strike would be enough to secure all three points, but then a James Ward-Prowse penalty in the 96th minute cancelled that out. Our first reminder that the 24-year-old’s genius won’t be enough to get Newcastle out of jail this season.

Moving on to Newcastle’s second point of the season in a 1-1 draw with Leeds at home again. Yes, Saint-Maximin’s superb equaliser brought the scores level, but once again, it wasn’t enough to move the Toon out the relegation places by registering three points.

You could look at it as; for every step forward that Saint-Maximin helps Newcastle take, his teammates and manager contrive to take two backwards.

The bottom line is that no matter how pulsating the Frenchman’s wizardry on the field of play, it won’t be enough to save Newcastle from the dreaded drop for the third time since 2009. What then needs to happen for a more complete team performance to take place, so that those draws can be turned into wins? In reality, there needs to be sweeping changes in the dugout and hopefully the boardroom too.

Sadly, none of those outcomes look forthcoming at this stage which means that Allan Saint-Maximin will be fighting a losing battle in his bid to prevent the Toon from going down.

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  1. Nah you could help yourself out by abolishing passwords etc. so as to eliminating bulls**t and let those with summat to say. say it. and have a lively blog. or simplify things.
    Now here’s one guy I got no time for even the sound of his name and spelling of his first name puts me off Greaeme ffs a real loser who thinks he’s summat special , possibly responsible for poor old Steves last game, hustling him outta his way.
    Anyone who thinks we had a good day @ Palace is fulla sh8t, get rid of him, as I’m sure the Portuguese new guy will suss him in a minute
    But on that point give him (the new manager a shot) who knows ?
    it’s gonna take a while to rebuild from a useless side to a league leader but I’m sure the Saudis know that, but a good top management guy is essential.
    That and a decent bunch of scouts a development program with the necessary grounds and home free, which could take years.
    However, leave those who are money people to do their jobs and don’t interfere with those who do the picking and choosing and of course the final say should be that of the manager, always !
    add bye the way what happened with Workey he get a better offer ?
    Soh that’s it then, possibly for me anyhow.



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