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Newcastle United “Player of the Season” Vote: 1) Defenders / Utility Players

May 15th, 2012 | 24 Comments |

NUFC defenders and utility players.
Fortiter defendit triumphans?
As we have reached the season’s end, I’m going to jump in and do a little assessment of the players, culminating in a vote for your Newcastle United “Player of the season”.

There have been quite a few stand out performers and stand out performances this term. Some were almost anticipated, others almost definitely weren’t. A few players have come in when the chips were down and done an excellent job. Others either came back from injury or suffered injury and made way for squad players to shine. Then there was the little matter of the African Cup of Nations riving a few players away to play for the respective countries, whilst depriving us of their services. It all adds up to most players getting games to show their worth and to be fair, I can’t think of anyone that has let either themselves, nor Newcastle down. In fact, this season has showed one of the most ‘United’ fronts we’ve had the pleasure to witness, even after the amazing efforts put in through very recent seasons to get us back into the position we find ourselves. Whilst the team effort has been monumental and it’s an ethic that has permeated throughout this campaign, deserving of all the credit in the world, I’m still going ask you: Who is Newcastle’s individual ‘Player of the Season’?

Here’s a little resume to help you along, starting with case for the defence: (more…)

Breaking the paradigm: Should Newcastle go all out for the League Cup?

September 22nd, 2011 | 28 Comments |

NuFC Fairs Cup parade.
These embarrassing pictures really need to be updated now.
Of course, the League Cup is regarded as the lowest rung of the “major” trophies.

Conventional wisdom in the highest echelon of English football, ie the Premiership clubs and especially the top Premiership clubs, is that it gives them a chance to give their precocious bairns who aren’t quite “ready” yet a chance for some kind of meaningful competition. It is also a chance to dust down old cloggers kept in case of emergency and give them a chance keep their hands, or more correctly perhaps, their feet in, lest they spend so long on the sidelines that they seize up with arthritis, or forget that they were ever footballers on the first place.

There are undoubetedly reasons for this, which is why top managers who have forgotten more about football than I will ever know treat it in exactly this way. It is true for the lower Premiership clubs that survival in the division comes above everything for the financial reasons I’m sure you all know, and the teams at the other end have much bigger fish to fry, ie competing for the greatest prizes of all, the League and the Champion’s League. However, conventional wisdom can sometimes be so prevalent that the most productive thing in the long term can actually be to go against the grain, to break the existing paradigm quite simply because hardly anyone else is doing it. (more…)

What are Ashley’s summer spending plans?

March 3rd, 2011 | 60 Comments |

Mike Ashley, Newcastle owner who will prove himself in the summer
Your move Mike
The debate goes on about what Newcastle United Owner Mike Ashley will spend in the summer, but we really won’t know until then. Bobby Moncur counters Keegan’s recent statement as ‘ill-advised’ and is – like me – in the ‘wait and see’ camp.

Kevin Keegan recently came out and said that Alan Pardew would see nowt of the £35m the club got for Andy Carroll and he may yet be right.

But other Newcastle ‘legends’, such as Bobby Moncur, have come down on the other side of the argument, guessing that Ashley might get his wallet out for more than a swift ‘all on red’ bet at the casino.

Just a tangent for a second (although one relevant to Newcastle for a change), but I walked into a bar earlier in the week. Hang on, that sounds like a joke: did I say ‘ouch’, meet a talking dog or a man with a large green head? No, actually, what I meant to say was I went to the pub on Monday for a meeting with my local village cricket club (rebels all, terrorists to a man) and met a new chap wanting to join the club who claimed to be a batsman and a Blackburn supporter. (more…)

Moncur’s words for Hughton’s knockers.

October 21st, 2010 | 108 Comments |

Bob Moncur: Happy with Hughton.
Bob Moncur: Happy with Hughton.
Speaking in an interview with Lee Ryder for the Chronic, Newcastle United’s Fair’s Cup winning defender and captain, Bobby Moncur, spoke on United’s current manager, Chris Hughton.

He gave fulsome praise to the Cockney Colossus, expressing his regret at the injury of Hatem Ben Arfa, and hoped that the rumours of Hughton’s immenent sacking were just “malicious gossip”. Hughton who has seen his team booed by supporters in last weekend’s draw against Wigan, screamed at to “sort it oot!” by the same supporters, has been told he’s on the verge of losing his job if they had lost that game by the Daily Hate Mail and lost his assistant, Colin Calderwood to Hibs all in the same week, has had something of a torrid time of it recently from the more ingrated section of the Magpies’ fanbase. To cap it all, there have been the recent Andy Carroll problems too.

In the interview, Moncur started by looking at Newcastle’s points total, suggesting that we have been somewhat unlucky in at least a couple of games: (more…)

Bob Moncur thinks pride will make up for our previous fall.

May 26th, 2010 | 113 Comments |

Bob Moncur - The last Newcastle captain to lift real silverware.
Bob Moncur - The last Newcastle captain to lift real silverware.
Around about a year ago now, we saw a team, our team, slip out of the Premier League in what can only be described as one of the tamest performances of any Newcastle side in recent years.

The same thing can’t be said about this years team though, as they have been anything but tame for the vast majority of the season. The players that stayed on to help us regain our spot in the Premier League have put their heart and soul into this season. Sure, we haven’t won every game, and the football perhaps hasn’t been the prettiest we have ever seen, but it was effective and has gone some way to restoring some pride back on Tyneside. The job isn’t over yet though, gaining promotion was just the first step. Next up has to be survival, and our old Fairs Cup winning captain Bob Moncur believes that the current crop of players will still be hurting from relegation, and will be out to prove a point next season and make sure they survive: (more…)