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Pardew’s lose-lose situation

August 12th, 2011 | 39 Comments |

Should we cut Pardew some slack?
Shoule we cut Pardew some slack?
So a few weeks ago i decided that I was going to try and be as positive as possible about Newcastle United and to try and look on the bright side of life with regards to the current manager.

Reading this blog daily, and like most Toon fans, not in the North East, I crave even more than usual my daily fix of NUFC news. What I am noticing is that Alan Pardew is not only disliked, but he is hated by the majority of fans and has some very unrealistic expectations on his shoulders given the current regime hes working under. Every comment Pardew seems to make is scrutinised and analysed by the fans who are coming to the conclusions that he ‘talks far to much’, hes ‘patronising’, that he is an ‘Ashley propaganda machine’ and have already written him off as one of the Southern shandy drinkers ruining the club!

I cant agree, and in my positive frame of mind, as far as I can see he has not done much wrong in his relatively short term here, he was not my first or even fifth choice, but he is here now and I have a theory on why the fans should try to not be so negative about him and maybe lower expectations this season as its the clubs hierarchy, not Pardew, that clearly have the lack of ambition to move NUFC to the next level. (more…)

Magical Magpie legends: Shay Given (part three)

June 24th, 2011 | 7 Comments |

Shay says goodbye.
Shay says goodbye.
<< Part two.

Moving on from part two, it’s now time for the final chapter in the trilogy of articles I have written profiling Shay Given’s time at Newcastle United. Hopefully, it will end on a high and not be resurrected with a 4th instalment some 20 years into the future (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull anyone?)

Newcastle began the 2005-2006 season by failing to qualify for the UEFA Cup via the Intertoto after failing to progress past Spanish side Deportivo La Coruña. Newcastle’s league campaign didn’t go to well either resulting in Souness getting the sack in February, and Glenn Roeder taking charge in a caretaker capacity to the end of the season. Roeder’s instalment helped propel United up the league and eventually finish in 7th position, meaning that we got another chance in the Intertoto the following season. Shay played every Premier League match and his excellent form saw him named in the PFA Team of the Year for the 2nd time in his United career.

“Shay is so like Gordon Banks, he’s not the tallest keeper but makes up for his lack of height with incredibly fast feet. They make his reaction times, for example from close range headers, quite remarkable. Possibly the best I’ve seen. And in terms of his all-round game, what I’ve seen of him in the last 18 months or so has been phenomenal. His development has staggered me. He’s now displaying a palpable all-round knowledge of his art. His positioning is impeccable and his consistency is remarkable” – Former Arsenal legend and goalkeeping coach Bob Wilson on Shay Given. (more…)

Give Hughton more credit? Why?

June 9th, 2010 | 188 Comments |

Hughton: The stakes have been raised.
Hughton: The stakes have been raised.
I think it’s widely percieved that last season was great, fantastic in the end, and the size of points difference between us and the rest of the teams in the Championship is something that is seldom replicated.

I also think that Chris Hughton has been given a lot of credit for it over the last few months, and rightly so. We all know Hughton did a great job last season, certainly an effective one.

The lines have been read over and over again already, with praise popping up for Hughton with regard to getting the team united again, believing in themselves, not fighting with each other (too often), and most importantly, looking like they actually want to play for the shirt that I personally have such pride in wearing. Which is why it baffles me that our former manager, Glenn Roeder, believes that Hughton should be recieving more credit than he has done already. Why? Just, why? For me, Hughton needs to prove he can motivate his team in the Premier League next season before he recieves another widespread outpouring of fullsome praise. It appears my viewpoint is slightly different to that of Roeder however. (more…)

Andy Carroll – Can he cut it in the Premier League?

May 15th, 2010 | 114 Comments |

Carroll: Tipped for the top.
Carroll: Tipped for the top.
Andy Carroll has been one of this season success stories as he finally managed to establish himself as a regular in the Newcastle United starting line-up, and scored 19 goals in the process. But will he be able to make the step up next season?

Carroll has earned praise from some of the highest corners this season, with Alan Shearer in particular quick to praise him earlier in the season. Now more praise has come from another former player, captain and manager in the shape of Glenn Roeder, who believes the big lad can “wreak havoc” in next seasons Premier League. The number 9 in waiting has come on in leaps and bounds since Christmas time, not just with his goalscoring ability, but a general improvement in his all round play, an improvement that has seen Carroll linked with a move away from St James’ Park and alerted the England setup who believe he could be a future international player. (more…)