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Newcastle and the unpredictable opening fixture.

August 12th, 2010 | 99 Comments |

Martins - Scorer in our last match at Old Trafford.
Martins - Scorer in our last match at Old Trafford.
It’s getting close, very close, to kick-off time for the new Premier League season. Once again we will be Old Trafford bound, where it is fair to say that our record has less than impressive over the years.

It’s been 38 years since our last league win at Old Trafford, and I don’t see that run coming to an end this season. You never know though I suppose, stranger things have happened at sea and all that.

Anyway, Manchester United away is probably the toughest away fixture out there to be honest. It isn’t often they lose at home, but they have picked up a reputation for being slow starters to the league campaign. That is a bit of a myth in fairness, but I’ll go into that a bit later. First, lets take a look at how Newcastle United tend to kick-off the new season. (more…)

Whatever happened to the superstars?

July 11th, 2010 | 138 Comments |

Martins - One of our former stars.
Martins - One of our former stars.
It’s been a turbulent 12 months for Newcastle United, but after a season in the second tier we can now once again, ahem, look forward to the regular visits of Manchester United, Chelsea and all the rest.

It took some luck, some balls of steel, a bit of skill and many more factors to click into place all at once for us to secure promotion, but in the end it was very much a case of mission accomplished as Newcastle pretty much blew the rest of the Championship away.

Newcastle are back in the big time, back where it can be argued that a club with infrastructure and fanbase we have belongs, and we also have the chance to get back at those players who left us, the ones who got asked to shape up or ship out after that 6-1 pre-season defeat to Leyton Orient last season. That is not to say that I blame them for leaving, not one bit in fact, and I believe that those players leaving was the catalyst behind this new found team spirit that we keep hearing about. Having said that, it’s still always nice to get one over on your old colleagues, even Jose Enrique admitted recently he would be itching to do just that. So with that in mind, just what have they been up to whilst Newcastle have been away? Do we have anything to worry about from our former players? (more…)

Newcastle United – A Half Season Summary.

December 22nd, 2009 | 38 Comments |

Toon supporters: Happier than last season?
Toon supporters: Happier than last season?
As you’re probably aware, Newcastle United’s Boxing day trip to Sheffield Wednesday will mark our 23rd league game of the season, marking the half-way point in what is turning out to be a fantastic season so far! This article takes a look at some of the happenings since the season began way back on the 8th of August.

With a team seemingly devoid of confidence, direction, application and the uncertainty surrounding the owner, managerial position, and who was next to be sold, the toon set off for the season opener at West Brom. After being 1-0 down at half-time, a superb finish from Damien Duff earned us a share of the spoils. That was to be Duff’s only appearance for us this season as he was quickly snapped by Fulham and he followed the likes of Michael Owen, Mark Viduka, Obafemi Martins, Seb Bassong and Habib Beye out of the club. (more…)

Obadrawn? Oba couldn’t survive on £75,000 per week claims Nathaniel lawyer.

November 20th, 2009 | 71 Comments |

The topsy-turvy world of Oba?
The topsy-turvy world of Oba?
Ex Newcastle United hitman, Obafemi Martins, who moved to German Bundesliga champions, Wolfsburg, for £9 million last June, is being sued for £300,000 by his agent, Chris Nathaniel. Nathaniel, who was behind a somewhat dubious Nigerian bid for the Magpies in the latter part of 2008 is attempting to sue Martins for £284,000 plus interest for sponsorship deals made on the players behalf which he claims are unpaid.

Speaking on behalf of Nathaniel and his company, NVA management; counsel, Robert Temmink, claimed that Martins’s spending habits were so bad that he would withdraw £40.000 from his bank just for the weekend, then return to withdraw a further £25,000 the following Monday. Temmink went on to claim:

“Despite earning these vast sums of money he was constantly overdrawn,”

It was claimed that when Martins signed for Newcastle for £10 million in the summer of 2006, he received no money whatsoever for image rights and that it was NVA management who successfully negotiated an £2 million image rights deal, as well as claiming large sponsorship payments from the likes of Nike and Pepsi. They also claimed to organise visas, passports, mortgage and property valuation and critical illness cover for the player. (more…)

Hughton heading for Shola showdown.

November 19th, 2009 | 24 Comments |

Bambi the 'Super Eagle'?
Bambi the 'Super Eagle'?
As esteemed colleague, Bowburnmag wrote yesterday, Fenham hitman, Shola Ameobi, wants to follow his dream in the African Nation’s Cup, and possibly even the 2010 World Cup with Nigeria. As that story reported, Ameobi has already represented England at under 21 level no less than twenty times (with seven goals), though his chances of getting into the main squad have always been rated at ‘slim’ to ‘none’. He has also been asked to represent Nigeria before too apparently.

Ameobi said of this:

“In the past, I chose not to so I could concentrate on helping Newcastle.”

On the sudden change of heart though, he quickly added:

“But I have reached a stage in my career where I would love to play international football and realistically it’s not going to happen with England.”

However, on hearing the news of a potential international renaissance for the ‘Fenham Eusebio’, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton remarked: (more…)