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Cisse too sexy for the Newcastle shirt, said Fred. Right?

May 4th, 2012 | 67 Comments |

Freddy Shepherd says clubs will be after Newcastle United striker Papiss Cisse.
Catch of the season?
One-time Newcastle United chief Freddy Shepherd has been putting a downer on things by suggesting that Papiss Cisse could be sold in the summer, but how much truth is there in that?

Ex-Toon phlebotomist Freddy Shepherd seems to think our chances of hanging on to resident goal-merchant Papiss Cisse will be slim this summer and suggests that we may receive offers too good to refuse for the player. Shepherd had this to say about our prospects of keeping the player:

It’s impossible, if they want to go, it’s no good keeping them. I think there may be an offer Newcastle can’t refuse for Cisse coming in.

However, there’s an important part of his statement we shouldn’t overlook and that’s: if they want to go. There is perhaps an even more important thing that Shepherd didn’t mention and that’s if Ashley wants him go because when all said and done that will be the deciding factor.

I can’t say for certain what Cisse wants of course but my guess would be that, with a good finish under our belts this season and some sort of European football to look forward to, he might just fancy staying with the club. There’s always the risk that a club like Man City or Chelsea – or maybe even Spurs or Arsenal – would offer a big wage and a better finish (this season, anyway) to try and tempt him away, but we’re not too far from the running ourselves and our club could be seen as one on the up. Maybe Cisse would choose to stay with us anyway. (more…)

In memory of Steve the “Bowburn Mag”

December 16th, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Bowburn Mag.
Steve: A very natural writer and a great human being..
It was four days ago when I learned of the tragically premature death of Steve Thompson, aka “Thomma” to his friends, and in the NUFC blogiverse, “Bowburn Mag”.

He was a writer on this site from it’s inception in 2009, writing a total of 234 articles for us in our first year. It is probably thorough his writing, and of course numerous comments on several different blogs and forums that most will know him. As well as being a genuinely nice person, he was also a natural writer who had the capacity to communicate his real humanity in words and genuinely connect with the reader, which is a rare talent. It was this which inspired me to ask him to write some pieces here when the ‘blog was about to start. Even though all I had to go on at the time were his comments on other blogs, his talent still shone through. Being a keen footballer himself, he also had a very good understanding of the game, and with both of these qualities I genuinely felt that he could have been one of the best sports writers around if his life had taken another path. Sadly that life is over now so we will never know, but he still left some great pieces of writing which encapsulated perfectly his passion for football in general, and Newcastle United in particular. (more…)

Shepherd: “Maybe Ashley is right in his policy and I was wrong”

October 30th, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Shepherd heaps praise on Ashley.
Time to get behind Ashley, says Shepherd
Former Newcastle United owner Freddie Shepherd has surprisingly good things to say about the man who took over from him.

Freddie Shepherd celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday and in his after-dinner speech he actually heaped a load of praise on Mike Ashley which, given some of the criticism Shepherd has slung Ashley’s way in the past, is a bit of a surprise.

Shepherd said:

I am still a massive Newcastle fan. True to say Mike and I have not always seen eye to eye but you’ve got to give him some of the credit for what is happening this season.

I think it’s time for the fans to get fully behind him and give him a chance. After all, no one really owns Newcastle because it’s simply a football institution.

Maybe he is right in his policy and I was wrong. Maybe we gave our managers too much money to spend in the transfer market. I reckon we spent around £300m on players like Alan Shearer, David Ginola, Les Ferdinand, Tino Asprilla and Michael Owen. (more…)

Newcastle United: Fourth in the Premiership, but fourth in the debt league too.

October 12th, 2011 | 55 Comments |

1/150th of Newcastle United's debt.
1/150th of Newcastle United's debt.
Of course, Newcastle United have been riding along on the crest of a wave in our first seven games in the Premiership, with our unbeaten start currently seeing us in fourth. However we also stand in fourth place in another table too, that of Premiership debt.

According to the table compiled by Deloitte, Newcastle are the club standing in fourth place with a debt of £150.385 million, which is over £26 million higher than it was when Freddy Shepherd left the club in 2007. Over £111 million of this is immediately repayable on demand to Mike Ashley should Sports Direct go tits up, or he gets a little carried away in Asper’s Casino one night, the rest being recouped in installments and secured on broadcasting revenue.

Of course, the club’s catastrophic relegation to the Championship, resulting in a huge loss of television and other revenue, was responsible for most of this, despite a huge cost cutting excercise by owner, Mike Ashley.

Here’s the debt table with the top five, along with the Mackems at number 11. (more…)

Mike Ashley – Sorting the facts from the myths, including that debt…

September 8th, 2011 | 68 Comments |

Ashley: May be fat, but not a “Cockney”
Ashley: May be fat, but not a “Cockney”
Has Mike Ashley reduced Newcastle United’s debt?


Well, it has been several months since Newcastle United published their last set of audited accounts at Companies House (March 2011), and that was for 2009/10. However, at that time it did appear as if the debt had actually risen significantly, though it is hard to deny that the the club are in a somewhat less perilous position finacially since Mike Ashley took over the club from the gruesome twosome, Freddy Shepherd and Douglas Hall.

In June 2007 when Ashley finally gained full control of the club, it looked as if the club was £71 million in debt, however, after Ashley’s takeover, it became apparent that the mortgage on the ground had to be paid off, and the level of debt was actually £124 million. More details are available from the site NUFC Finances site.

In the last published set of accounts, published in March 2011 (for 2009/10), they revealed that the club’s net debt at that time stood at around £150 million, most of this figure being owed to a certain Mr.MJW.Ashley of  Totteridge, Hertfordshire. It also revealed that despite a slightly misleading statement by Newcastle United in May 2010 which read: (more…)