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January, sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me. *

February 21st, 2011 | 80 Comments |

Andy Cole: Sold by Keegan two weeks after this tattoo was done!
Andy Cole: Sold by Keegan two weeks after this tattoo was done!
January. Possibly the most disappointing month of the year.

Christmas is over, you are back to work and still wondering what happened on New Years Eve and where you are going to find the money to pay for all the presents, booze and food you went through during the festive period.

January 2011 turned started out as usual, nothing much was happening, nothing much was going to happen. The media tried it’s best to drum up stories to make us watch their television channel or buy their papers, but it just wasn’t working;  NUFC were having a very uneventful January. This was a cause of much frustration for some, as it was well believed at the time that we needed strengthening. So, in time honoured NUFC tradition we waited until the last minute until we did something that took everyone by surprise. Not just us NUFC fans, but the footballing world as we sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool. (more…)

Newcastle v Sunderland – Derby Day History.

January 14th, 2011 | 60 Comments |

As we all know it’s derby awayday on Sunday, and the lucky few of you that have tickets for the game will be able to take in the sights of the beautiful city of Sunderland before making your way through the discarded prams and Ford Capri’s on bricks, being careful not to tread on anything that looks even remotely suspicious, before arriving at The Stadium Of Light, and before that Joker Park.

Anyway, I digress. No matter what the stadium has been called it has been host to some cracking victories to the Geordies, and some jammy ref helped victories to the home side. Fairness would dictate that both are discussed here. Sorry, not going to happen. This blog is intended to celebrate the dominance we have had over the Mackems in this fixture. (more…)

Toon: The Nearly Men.

September 17th, 2009 | 30 Comments |

Rooney: Toon nearly man
Rooney: Toon nearly man
Inspired by a post on here and goaded on by Bowburnmag, I decided to do some research into NUFC’s nearly men. By that I mean the players we tried to sign and missed out to other clubs. 

The idea was to get together a starting 11 made up of the ones that got away, but I was really struggling.  Seeing as this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be I’ve decided, in true 21st century media style, I’m going to get the reader to do all the work for me.  Let’s try and make a starting 11 of the best players NUFC nearly signed.  You can’t cheat and say something like Beckham in his prime.  The player must be of the same age and talent as when we tried to sign him.

I’ll start you off with some of the big name signings we just missed out on and you can help by submitting your favourite ones that got away.

Here’s my list of confirmed players we put a bid in for: (more…)

Not Walking in a Keegan Wonderland.

September 16th, 2009 | 138 Comments |

The Messiah.
The Messiah.
First of all this is not some kind of clever backlash at the recent posts from Bowburnmag or Excelsior designed to get people reading and commenting on this article.  It is something I’ve been meaning to write for sometime now, but I’ve never had the time.

For sometime now I’ve been a bit confused over peoples thoughts that somehow Kevin Keegan taking up to £10,000,00 out of NUFC is a good thing.   I just can’t see any sensible scenario where NUFC being left £10,000,00 less in the kitty is some how for the best.  Am I missing something here?  Have I not spotted some tiny detail that explains all of this?  I really don’t think I have, but I am willing to be shown what I’ve missed, so I too can finally see why this is a good thing to happen to a club that needs every penny it has.

My personal opinion on the matter is that it is not a good thing, that Keegan wants to take £10,000,000 out of the club.  How can it be?  Ashley won’t invest any money, so we need to hold onto what money we do have, so we can invest it in the team.  £10,000,000 would get some cracking players to boost the squad for a Championship promotion campaign.  I also think a lot of people don’t realise that it isn’t Mike Ashley being taken to court, it is Newcastle United Football Club.  Just think about that for a moment. (more…)

It could be worse, we could be Liverpool.

June 5th, 2009 | 49 Comments |

Liverpool FC: Teetering on the brink of catastrophe?
Liverpool FC: Teetering on the brink of catastrophe?
Today, it was announced that the group (Kop Football Holdings) that essentially finances Liverpool FC had made of loss of £42 million, with £36 million of that being interest on the loan that they took out to buy the club. I’ll just say that again in case it didn’t sink in – £36,000,000 in interest payments on a loan.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were a Liverpool fan at the moment I’d be a bit uneasy. For all of his faults, and he has many, at least Mike Ashley hasn’t taken the club to the point where it could be taken over by the banks because the owners have defaulted on a loan. If we had gone down the same route that Shepherd and Co. had been taking us down then we might have been in a similar situation.  (more…)