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Llambias “more than happy” to be probed on Barton deal (Updated)

September 14th, 2011 | 29 Comments |

Llambias: Nothing to hide.
Owlheed: Nothing to hide.
As question’s are asked over the alleged £2.5 million in agent’s fees involved in Joey Barton’s transfer to Queen’s Park Rangers, Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias, washed his hands of the affair, insisting that he is “more than happy” for Newcastle United to be probed by the FA over the deal.

According to the Sun newspaper (I know, I know), The FA have been “urged” to probe Barton’s transfer to the west London “Hoops”, more specifically, the issue of alleged fees paid to Barton’s agent, Willie McKay, and a mystery company brought in to represent Barton. There has even been specultion that this mystery company may even be Barton himself, or someone else very close to the player.

To explain: In this case according to the Stun, rather than McKay acting for Barton as his agent, as would usually be the case, he is alleged to have acted for Queen’s Park Rangers instead, with the above mentioned mystery company acting for Barton’s interests.

There fees were said to be £1.3m to McKay, and £1.2 million to the mystery company who acted as Barton’s representative. The newspaper also alleged that a £1.5 million signing on fee was paid to Barton himself on a four year contract with £40,000 per week salary. Beisdes this, it also said that Barton would be paid a £250,000 end of season bonus if QPR avoid relegation at the end of the season.

When grilled by a Stun reporter on the unconventional arrangement, McKay said of the deal: (more…)

Do we pay ‘huge fees’ to agents?

July 12th, 2011 | 28 Comments |

Does Newcastle United pay huge fees to football agents?
What's a 'huge fee'?
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has indicated that a huge amount of fees go to agents for transfers and such, but just how much classes as ‘huge’?

One of the things I picked up on in Workyticket’s transcription of Alan Pardew’s interview is that he (meaning Alan Pardew rather than Worky) claimed we pay huge sums of money to agents as part of any transfer agreement.

What Pardew said was:

I was listening earlier when you was talking about the money being spent and I just want to sort of make something clear. When you sign someone like Demba Ba and someone like Marveaux there’s huge fees involved in that, it isn’t just transfer fees. This is unfortunately how the Premier League works and a lot of money in those deals doesn’t come back through the system. Ideally, in the old days we would sign someone from the Championship and it would go back into the English game but this money’s going out through agents and stuff like that.

So I thought I’d do some investigation to try and find out just how much money is spent on things like agents’ fees. (more…)