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Pardew criticises previous managers for lack of discipline.

July 15th, 2011 | 6 Comments |

Pardew: No more anarchy at Benton.
Pardew: No more anarchy at Benton.
Alan Pardew has informed us that the lack of discipline that crept in under previous managers such as Chris Hughton and Alan Shearer will no longer be tolerated at the club.

Speaking in a rare interview, the tough talking, no nonsense supremo called time on the anarchy in and around the club’s Benton training ground.

On the lack of discipline when he arrived at the club he remarked:

“Just in and around the training ground it was a little bit loose.

“You know, a big club like Newcastle, I think it’s important that you have disciplines that carry on through the season, and obviously coming in mid way through the season I didn’t really put them in force so, and I think we’ve all had the benefits of that and the discipline in the training ground, and around it, has been terrific.”

I couldn’t really make much sense of the latter part of that as it seemed a little contradictory, though perhaps if any readers could enlighten me? (more…)