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Pardew reveals lack of defensive signings was a cunning stunt

September 14th, 2012 | 61 Comments |

Alan Pardew as Corporal Jones in "Dad's Army."
With many fans concerned at the lack of defensive cover with the Toon Army facing a war on four fronts this season (including an invasion of Europe), Alan Pardew has come out on the offensive once again.

He revealed that the club’s “failure” to bring in any new centre backs was actually intentional as it would have inhibited the development of the club’s red hot Academy prospects, 20 year-old Bradford bomber, James Tavernier, and 17 year old sand dancing sensation, Remi Streete.

The Silver Supremo said:

“You have to look at a football club as a whole and there has to be a route to the first team otherwise you’re not going to progress as a club. I’ve opened up the route, especially with the Europa League, and told them ‘Come and take your chance.’

“This year I think is a year for the younger players to break through. Now if they don’t break through I might take a different policy next year but it is a great opportunity to break through with all the games we’ve got. (more…)