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Breaking News – Carroll in court?

October 18th, 2010 | 120 Comments |

Andy Carroll - Silly, silly boy.
Andy Carroll - Silly, silly boy.
Rumours started circulating last night suggesting that Andy Carroll has been arrested again.

Not being one to stir up rumours for no reason I thought I had better leave it alone until something more concrete developed.

Well this morning there have been more concrete developments and it appears that Andy Carroll has indeed been arrested and charged with common assault.

He is due before Tynedale Magistrates Court in Hexham at some point this morning, and although the charge of common assault covers a rather large area of potential offences, the details still remain sketchy.

Either way, whether the offence was trivial or more serious, Carroll should have known that he is treading a fine line, and this latest transgression comes at the worst possible time given that the court case over the alleged glassing incident is due to start a week today. (more…)

Room at the Inn for Andy?

December 8th, 2009 | 76 Comments |

Seconds out...
Seconds out...
It’s “A time for giving, and for getting, a time for forgiving and for forgetting”, according to dear old Sir Cliff. And as Christmas rolls around, Newcastle’s Andy Carroll could be hoping that it’s the fans that can forgive and forget, and that he’s not getting charged for giving someone a pasting.

Specific details are yet to emerge about the England Under 21 internationals altercation on Sunday night, in the exotic backdrop of the Bigg Market’s Blu Bambu. However, what we do know, is that he has been bailed after being questioned on suspicion of ABH after being led away in handcuffs at 1.30 in the morning, while the ‘victim’ of the attack went to hospital with what were described as ‘non-life-threatening head injuries’.

Chris Hughton confirmed yesterday that he remains in the United squad for tomorrow’s trip to Coventry, although he may have doubts about his inclusion in getting him stripped. According to The Journal and The Mirror, Carroll was ‘given a dressing down in private by the Newcastle boss’, despite appearing to let the law decide on his guilt before acting.

And it would seem this unfortunate incident follows hot on the heels of a recent warning he’d already received about his conduct out and about on the tiles. He has already courted controversy with another early morning scuffle with a female back in the summer of last year, for which he was charged. And the reports coming back from Preston about his behaviour weren’t exactly glowing. (more…)