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Kenny tells Toon fans what they think about Andy Carroll

April 29th, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Kenny Dalglish, psychiatric nurse.
Sigmund Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish turns to psychiatry to tell Newcastle United fans what they think about Andy Carroll.

Apparently there’s a royal wedding today. When I heard about it I assumed Cheryl Tweedy was getting hitched again but apparently it’s to do with a couple called Kate and Will. Anyway, it seems my invite was lost in the post so I thought I’d write an article on here instead.

Kenny ‘Sourpuss’ Dalglish has been telling us Toon supporters what we think of Andy Carroll ahead of Sunday’s game, so we’d better jolly well listen.

Kenny instructs us thusly:

They [that’s us] will do whatever they want, but it won’t take away from what he has done for their football club and it won’t take away what the football club meant to Andy.

It is a compliment really, in a strange way, if you do get abuse because it means you must have been important to them.

So any boos for Andy Carroll will actually be translated as “we love you” according to Kenny. I wonder from which Internet site Kenny got his degree in psychiatry. (more…)