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This is one reason why the England team really grinds my gears!

November 16th, 2010 | 103 Comments |

Carroll 'touch and go' for debut.
Carroll 'touch and go' for debut.
There are many reason why the England team gets right on my nerves.

The World Cup shambles is one reason. The lack of passion is another, but those aren’t the only reasons why the England national side annoys me.

What we have witnessed over the last few days has been an awful torture for Newcastle fans as we await news on the extent of Andy Carroll’s groin injury. My gut instinct would be to not risk him in a friendly that has no real importance and serves only to make the FA some more money. The FA also annoy me!

I don’t want this article to be misconstrued as a rant against England. I am English myself and like to see the team win, but first and foremost I am a Newcastle United fan, and I don’t want one of our leading lights, who is carrying an inury, being risked in a meaningless friendly when there is no real need for him to play. (more…)

Will Capello give Carroll the nod?

November 13th, 2010 | 39 Comments |

Psst... Carroll. He wants you!
Psst... Carroll. He wants you!
The man of the moment, for many reasons, seems to be Andy Carroll. For every negative headline that has circulated around the Gateshead lad, a positive one has closely followed.

And things could get even more positive for the seven-goal hitman later on today when the England squad for the friendly match against France is announced, as it is widely believed that Carroll will be called up to the senior squad for the first time in his fledgling career.

It’s been a meteoric rise to fame for the local lad as only twelve months ago he was struggling to find the net, and was looking rather ungainly in the process. The all-round improvement in his game since last Christmas has been truly staggering to be honest.

Carroll has been an absolute beast for us on the field so far this season and his contributions, both offensively and defensively, have been pretty staggering, and he is now our joint top-scorer to boot! (more…)

Andy Carroll’s time will come.

October 8th, 2010 | 48 Comments |

Carroll - England career will come.
Carroll - England career will come.
Another international break, and another period of the football calendar that doesn’t really interest me one bit.

Am I still spitting the dummy out over the way my national team, England, let me down over the summer? Probably.

It could have been very different though had a certain Andy Carroll recieved the call from Fabio Capello.

At least having a player involved in the England team that is from the team I support would have given me a reason to keep an eye on the build up to the match against Montenegro. Carroll didn’t get the call, and to me that means that the England team is now just the same closed shop as it was over the summer. Others may disagree with though. (more…)

Carroll to get the call?

October 1st, 2010 | 131 Comments |

Carroll for England?
Carroll for England?
It’s looking increasingly likely that Andy Carroll will be getting a call up for the England squad over the weekend.

Carroll has been left out of the Under-21 squad that was announced yesterday which has led to speculation regarding Carroll recieving a full international call-up for England.

I personally think it’s a bit too early for the national team for Carroll and would prefer it if he was given the chance to learn his trade in the Premier League a bit more first, but with injuries to Jermaine Defoe and Bobby Zamora and with Wayne Rooney not certain to make the squad it would appear that England are suffering from a striking crisis at the moment. For that reason it looks as though Carroll will be fast-tracked into the international setup. (more…)