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Introducing the new number 9: Andy Carroll

July 20th, 2010 | 65 Comments |

Andy Carroll - The new number nine.
Andy Carroll - The new number nine.
It is a move that has been expected by a lot of people, but to day it has finally been confirmed that Andy Carroll will wear the famous number 9 shirt for Newcastle.

Carroll will be following in the footspteps of legends like Alan Shearer and Jackie Milburn from this season as he looks to carry on the tradition of the famour jersey.

This could be the making of Andy Carroll, but let’s be fair it could also burden him with pressure. I honestly believe it will be the former as Carroll has already proved he can handle the pressure on the pitch. Think back to Doncaster, and all the pressure that was surrounding that game after the Taylor/Carroll incident, all the media scrutiny, and what did Carroll do? Put the ball in the net to score the winning goal, and that spoke volumes of the lads charcter. (more…)