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Hints at tactics from Pardew and Wenger?

March 12th, 2012 | 7 Comments |

Arsenal v Newcastle March 2012
Can Pardew out-think Wenger?
Alan Pardew suggests that tonight’s game between Newcastle United and Arsenal is make or break in terms of Newcastle’s Champions League qualification. Wenger for his part bemoans Gervinho’s sending off at St James’ Park earlier this season. But in amongst that, do both managers hint at their tactical approach for tonight’s game?

Alan Pardew is piling the pressure on for tonight’s game against Arsenal, suggesting that anything but a win will put paid to our Champions League ambitions. Pardew said:

It’s a mini-season for us now and this is an important game in terms of the Champions League because, if we win we are going to be given a shout. We can gain momentum and we go to the next game.

If we lose, really it’s over and then we can focus on ten games and the Europa League. Realistically, it would be a bridge too far for us with what I’ve got on the training pitch.

But if we were to be fortunate enough to win – or good enough to win because one or the other is going to decide it – then we will face Norwich with a chance.(more…)