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Chris Hughton on managing Newcastle United, and being sacked.

April 17th, 2011 | 16 Comments |

Hughton: “I’m very much a manager”.
Hughton: “I’m very much a manager”.
I’ve been told by by doctor that I must reduce my stress, so I thought that I’d type up a transcript of former Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton’s recent long interview to Richard Keys and Andy Gray on ‘Talk Sport’. In it, Chris gives some very interesting insights on what it was like managing the club, the events leading up to his sacking for no discernable reason, gives some insight on his signing of Cheick Tiote for the club, his relationship with assistant, Colin Calderwood, and lots of other stuff.

It was a fairly long (half hour) interview, so I will put the transcript in two parts. In this part, he discusses what it was like managing Newcastle United, the fans, being sacked and how he sees his future as a football manager.

Richard Keys: “What’s it like managing Newcastle United? I think you could tell us a story and a half about that, couldn’t you? It’s a wonderful club to be in charge of, isn’t it?”

Chris Hughton: “It’s a fantastic club and I think when you’ve spent the amount of time in the game that I have and you’ve been up there on numerous occaisions, experienced what it holds up there, the supporters, the stadium, I think you have to be there to really realise what it means to the people up there. They have a support that will tell you it as it is, a magnificent support that will get behind you one hundred percent and push the team on. But they’re also a support that if they don’t like what they see, they can be very vocal and they see it as very much their club. You only have to walk around the City centre and you don’t see any other shirts. If you live in Newcastle, you support Newcastle. You feel that and I felt it one hundred percent.” (more…)