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Shola, Coloccini, Enrique, Barton – injury status.

October 7th, 2009 | 11 Comments |

Pre-Christmas return for Shola
Pre-Christmas return for Shola
Newcastle United’s Shola Ameobi is likely to return to first-team duty by early December according to Chris Hughton.

Shola suffered a stress fracture of the foot in August but has already begun light training. Hughton said:

The good news with Shola is that he has no adverse reaction to the original injury and he’s started doing work on it again.

He’s with us over this fortnight and he’s continuing to work at it. We are looking at a pre-Christmas return for Shola, and we’re thinking it should be early December at the moment, which would obviously be a big boost for everyone because he is a big player for us.

He is with us at the moment, and I think it is a slightly frustrating time for him because he cannot really do any weight-bearing training with the foot at the moment. Obviously the most important thing is making sure he is right, so we don’t want to rush anything, but his progress has been quite good.

In his absence we’ve managed to get Marlon Harewood and he has brought some quality to the squad, but obviously the more players that we have capable of scoring goals the better, so it would be good to have him back.” (more…)

Colo’s a no-go for Argentina.

October 1st, 2009 | 15 Comments |

No trip for you my son
No trip for you my son
Newcastle United boss Chris Hughton might upset Diego Maradona over the availability of Fabricio Coloccini for World Cup duty.

The defender managed to strain his groin during the game against Ipswich, was absent for last night’s game against QPR and has already been ruled out of Newcastle’s game against Bristol City at the weekend.

However, Coloccini is due to link up with the woeful Argentina squad to try and help them salvage a World Cup place from their qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay, but Hughton is putting his foot down. Hughton said:

If he’s not fit for the weekend, then no, and he’ll certainly miss the [World Cup] weekend.

“It’s one I need to check, but from our point of view, if he doesn’t play the weekend, then he’s not going. If we all had a choice as coaches, you’d prefer it if everybody stayed.

“At this moment Jonas is fit, and it’s his prerogative and privilege to go away with his country.” (more…)