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Colo urges us not to get carried away about our 4th place position

September 29th, 2011 | 18 Comments |

Newcastle United captain wants to keep his feet on the ground.
Colo: let's not get carried away
Newcastle United’s current 4th place position is very pleasing, if a little unexpected. But how does this bode for the rest of the season?

We’re 4th in the Premier League and we can afford some optimism about that, although I think that should be guarded optimism as I suspect the only way from here is down. Captain Coloccini’s Bouffant has been speaking recently about how we should keep our feet on the ground too. Or at least that’s the way our Assistant Manager tells it. John Carver said:

We’re not getting carried away – it’s important we keep our feet on the ground.

There are some good characters here, and some different characters.

The first thing Colo said after coming off the pitch was that we need to keep our feet on the ground. That’s important coming from the captain.

There are people here who’ve been around the game long enough to make sure not one person gets carried away with what we’ve done so far. (more…)