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Dan Gosling: Was he better off at Everton?

October 5th, 2011 | 62 Comments |

Dan Gosling.
Bye bye gosling?
I’ve got to admit, when we signed young Dan Gosling from Everton (On a free) I was very happy.

A young creative English player whose career seemed on the up. However after reading the Daily Fail’s article this morning, I’m dismayed to see he might be off to Doncaster.

Dan Gosling, where did it all go wrong?

Is this the trouble with flying high in the Premier League, only yesterday in my Tim Krul blog did I highlight how we can afford to give these youngsters a chance given our league position. Yet we have a bright young English player who wants to go and play his trade in Doncaster?

I feel that young Gosling may be regretting his trip to the Toon, at Everton, who were under resourced, he and Rodwell sent many a tongues wagging about how they were having a positive influence at Goodison. However all I really have seen from him in a Toon shirt is injury and reserve games. I do feel that he is good enough for our first team, which is why I’m so perplexed at this reported move to Donny. (more…)