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Sturridge on loan rumour – is it a good idea anyway?

July 17th, 2011 | 38 Comments |

Newcastle United in Sturridge loan rumour
Should we loan him?
Rumours abound that Newcastle United might be looking to take Daniel Sturridge on loan for the season to plug the gaps in the forward line.

After having shunned the prospect of a permanent move for Daniel Sturridge when confronted with a possible £20m price tag, Newcastle are allegedly looking to take the player on a season long from Chelsea.

It’s a very tenuous ‘allegedly’ in this case as the story comes from the Sunday Sun. Furthermore, their headline uses the word ‘swoop’ and that immediately raises my hackles and puts me in a negative frame of mind for any story that follows.

The Sun alleges – presumably plucked out of thin air as there are no quotes and Deep Throat seems to be on holiday – that we have money in the kitty for a striker but that Pardew will need to sell to fund further purchases, which has limited our ability to land one of three Continental targets being considered. I don’t really know what to make of that – does it mean the Continental strikers we’re pursuing are outside the budget? I dunno. (more…)