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Newcastle United – News Roundup – 14 August 2009.

August 14th, 2009 | 17 Comments |

Number one super guy
Number one super guy
Poor old Chris Hughton deserves a fair bit of credit for quietly taking over a job he doesn’t want and just getting on with it.

Ashley’s dumped him in it a few times now but Hughton simply remains unruffled, appearing to treat his frequent calls to stand-in as manager of one the most media-exposed teams in the country with no more alarm than he’d treat a hole in his sock.

According to The Chronicle, Hughton had this to say about the club sale saga at the club’s Benton training ground:

I think the sooner there is a line drawn on the situation the better for everybody.

I think that’s what everybody wants.”

That’s about as close as he gets to a complaint. If the man was any more relaxed he’d be horizontal. He puts me in mind of Hong Kong Phooey actually, although that’s probably more to do with my insane, laterally-articulated brain than anything else. (more…)

Newcastle United – News Roundup – 10 August 2009.

August 10th, 2009 | 20 Comments |

O'Leary to be manager. Or not.
O'Leary to be manager. Or not.
The Guardian (amongst others) is reporting that Ashley will appoint David O’Leary as manager if, as expected, he takes the club off the market. The Guardian is also reporting that Newcastle deny they’ll appoint O’Leary.

It’s all looks like sheer press invention to me but let’s have brief look at O’Leary’s management career anyway.

O’Leary managed Leeds from 1998 until 2002, getting two top 4 finishes, a UEFA Cup semi-final and a Champions League semi-final, all on a budget of £100m over 4 years.

He then managed Villa from 2003 until 2006, lifting them 10 places to get a 6th place finish in his first season.

Unfortunately – maybe due to the severe spending restrictions imposed by owner Doug Ellis – O’Leary’s next two seasons with Villa weren’t so good as he only managed a 10th place finish and, in his last season, a 16th place finish, narrowly avoiding relegation.

I’m not sure what to make of the prospect of O’Leary at Newcastle. I guess my main concern is that he doesn’t seem to operate too well on a tight budget and I suspect he’d have to operate on an extremely tight budget under Ashley, possibly even no budget at all if his appointment’s after the transfer window closes. (more…)

Newcastle United – News Roundup – 07 August 2009 [updated]

August 7th, 2009 | 19 Comments |

Smudge - Stand-in captain
Smudge - Stand-in captain
As reported on this site yesterday Bassong has gone to Spurs and Beye looks likely to be leaving for Hull. Sky Sports is also reporting that 19 year old winger Jonny Godsmark has been loaned to Hereford for 6 months.

The club has confirmed that Alan Smith will be captain against West Brom as Nicky Butt is still injured and that Danny Guthrie will miss the game due to a hamstring injury picked up in training.

In terms of the management situation, the club have apparently ruled out the idea that Kinnear will return – although there’s nothing on NUFC’s official site to that effect – and The Mail are claiming that David O’Leary has also turned down the opportunity to become manager. This latter claim by The Mail contains no direct quotes from O’Leary though, so it could just be nonsense.

An awful lot is printed about Newcastle these days but, besides the confirmed transfers, most of it just appears to be speculation, so there is little of substance to actually report today.

The Barry Moat situation dominated most of the speculation yesterday but The Chronicle wonders if that’s all a ruse to flush out other bidders, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. (more…)