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Hughton – Maradona No 2.

August 5th, 2010 | 71 Comments |

Gutierrez - Looking forward to the new season.
Gutierrez - Looking forward to the new season.
Jonas Gutierrez returned to action for Newcastle on Tuesday night, and quickly paid tribute to boss Chris Hughton whilst comparing him to ex-Argentina boss Diego Maradona.

Now I’m not sure how happy Chris Hughton will be when he hears that he is held in the same regard as the former Cocaine addict….. I kid, I kid. Relax.

It was purely a footballing comment from Jonas as he talked about the new season, what it could hold, and the disappointment of the World Cup in the summer. It seems that Jonas, like many other players, holds Chris Hughton in high regard, and his comparison between Hughton and an Argentinian national hero underlines this. (more…)

What do we think about Jonas?

October 2nd, 2009 | 13 Comments |

Spiderman 2 - the return of Jonas
Spiderman 2 - the return of Jonas
Jonas Gutierrez joined Newcastle United for £2.5m in the summer of 2008 and he’s contracted to us until 2013. We could well have lost him this summer but Maradona, who says Jonas is the 3rd name he automatically puts on his team sheet, told him that playing in the Championship wouldn’t affect his chances of playing for Argentina.

After the QPR game, Jonas told The Chronicle:

I know that I must do much better and that is certainly my aim. I want to create more for the team and score some goals – it’s what I’m trying to do every game.”

So what do we think about Jonas?

He came in for some stick last season for two things mainly: failing to deliver a good enough final ball and failing to score himself. Personally I’ve always been a bit sympathetic towards Jonas because I think, even through the nightmare of last season, he was one of the players who put in a bit more effort than most. (more…)

Colo’s a no-go for Argentina.

October 1st, 2009 | 15 Comments |

No trip for you my son
No trip for you my son
Newcastle United boss Chris Hughton might upset Diego Maradona over the availability of Fabricio Coloccini for World Cup duty.

The defender managed to strain his groin during the game against Ipswich, was absent for last night’s game against QPR and has already been ruled out of Newcastle’s game against Bristol City at the weekend.

However, Coloccini is due to link up with the woeful Argentina squad to try and help them salvage a World Cup place from their qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay, but Hughton is putting his foot down. Hughton said:

If he’s not fit for the weekend, then no, and he’ll certainly miss the [World Cup] weekend.

“It’s one I need to check, but from our point of view, if he doesn’t play the weekend, then he’s not going. If we all had a choice as coaches, you’d prefer it if everybody stayed.

“At this moment Jonas is fit, and it’s his prerogative and privilege to go away with his country.” (more…)

Maradona is a Geordie? Gutierrez given blessing to stay in Toon.

August 21st, 2009 | One Comment |

Jonas: Wants to stay and fight.
Jonas: Wants to stay and fight.
Argentina coach, Diego Maradona has reassured Jonas Gutierrez that staying with Newcastle United will not affect his place in the Argentina squad.

Speaking of his chat with Maradona, Gutierrez reports:

“I’ve spoken to the national team coach and he says there is no problem for me being in the second division of English football. He said to take care, to do the things in my team, it’s no problem if I have to play in the second division, I’m going to be in the squad for qualification.

“And that was very important to hear. The words from the manager were encouraging. Now I am very happy about that because for me to play in the national team is a dream.

“If he had said ‘no you need to play in a top division’, it was going to be a difficult situation because I am very happy at Newcastle, but I want to play to with my national team, so it was going to be a difficult situation. But he told me it that no problems for me, it was important.” (more…)