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Les Euros – How is it for You?

June 13th, 2012 | 118 Comments |

Maria Sharapova.
Maria Sharapova.
So, the Euros then…On the plus side, two footy matches every night on the tellybox can’t be a bad thing! (Although Mrs UTD has, at this point in time, stopped speaking to me, as it were) …Staying with positives, I can’t think of a game yet that I haven’t enjoyed watching. I’ve watched them all, and I’ll watch all of the rest.

It’s a great warm up act before Maria Sharapova graces our screens once again when Wimbledon starts – and of course, there’s the women’s beach volleyball at London’s Olympics to look forward to – but I digress!

I always like to get “into” these big tournaments because it’s a change from domestic footy. It gives us an insight into how other national teams shape up, how other fans look and behave, and generally how things look on the wider European (on this occasion) stage. We get to see loads of players we wouldn’t normally see. In spite of what the UK media might lead us to believe, not all of “the best players in the world” play in the English Premier League. It’s a big world out there. (more…)