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The press are trying to stir up trouble, again!

July 30th, 2010 | 57 Comments |

Blah blah bloody blah!
Blah blah bloody blah!
The press have a nasty habit of conjuring up fairy stories with very little substance, and they particularly seem to enjoy trying to make Newcastle look silly with them.

For years and years now we have been the subject of unfair, unjustified and down right ridiculous stories in the press. Some of them have been true, but the vast majority have either been false or have been hyped up to the point where they are bordering on becoming false.

So I had to have a giggle this morning when I looked at the early morning edition of The Daily Star. Now I know it is a newspaper that doesn’t generally bother about accurate or realistic reporting, in fact if they ran a story saying that the sky is blue I would have to look outside to double check, but this latest piece of troublemaking is tenuous to say the least, and that is being kind! (more…)

Plymouth – The unfortunate victims of the Dan Gosling saga.

July 24th, 2010 | 96 Comments |

Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
We are aware that we have finally signed Dan Gosling on a free transfer, well I would bloody well hope we are all aware anyway.

It represents a good deal for Newcastle as we have managed to acquire a player that is worth around £4 million currently, and even if he doesn’t improve we can sell him and still make a bit of cash. It’s a ‘win win’ for Newcastle.

Gosling began his career at Plymouth Argyle and was poached from them by Everton who continued to build on what he had learnt at Home Park. Now Gosling can try to improve further with us, but what about the clubs he has left behind, particularly the one where it all began, what benefit will they get now we have signed him? (more…)