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Is Hughton after James Vaughan to make up for injured strikers?

August 29th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

Loan target Vaughan
Loan target Vaughan
We’re somewhat bereft of strikers at the moment with Ameobi definitely out due to a foot injury and question marks over the fitness of both Carroll and Xisco.

The Mirror is reporting that Hughton has asked Everton if he can have James Vaughan on loan to plug the gaps. Vaughan is Everton’s youngest ever goalscorer but has been fairly injury-hit himself. He’s fit now but has found himself warming the bench a lot and is apparently keen to see some first team football somewhere.

The Mirror says that Moyes will think about it and give Hughton an answer over the weekend but it also says that Hughton has other targets too.

Hughton told yesterday’s Chronicle this about Ameobi:

As far as Shola is concerned, we must stick to the factual stuff.

What he’s got is a stress injury to the bone, which is being assessed today by our medical team.

We will see what the extent of the damage is.

But we remain very hopeful that this is not a long-term injury.

In all honesty he is a doubt for Leicester, but we hope it isn’t a long-term injury.” (more…)

Toon’s Steven Taylor looking to be Everton mint?

August 21st, 2009 | 5 Comments |

Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Unfortunately, this article isn’t quite as sweet and palatable as the retro chewy mint and not just because of the quality of the writer. Despite writing about it twice already, I was fairly convinced of all the bad things to be visited upon my club this year, a home-grown talent like Steven Taylor leaving would be something I would need not worry about.

However, according to Sky Sports source, Everton are currently in talks with him over a proposed move to Merseyside.

Despite, being watched by several clubs, including Fulham, Aston Villa and Liverpool it’s claimed Everton have stolen a march on the others in their bid for Taylor, presumably in a bid to fill the void by the inevitable departure of Lescott, who was left out of his club’s recent squad to add fuel to the fire.

It’s thought that Everton representatives were at the game last night and discussions are taking place, though a transfer fee has not been agreed. (more…)

Everton rivalled by Liverpool, Villa and Fulham for Toon’s Stevie Taylor?

August 16th, 2009 | 5 Comments |

Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
According to The Mirror (ahem), local lad, unfinished article and all-round top bloke Stevie Taylor has more than one suitor. It would seem the England U21 centre half is being pursued by Everton but they will be challenged to his signature by Fulham, Aston Villa and their Merseyside neighbours Liverpool.

The Mirror suggests his future has been thrown into doubt with recent open and negative comments about the current regime, which is probably not totally unfounded but let’s be honest, we won’t have much of a squad left if they keep selling those who speak up about the situation (oh hang on…..). Allegedly, Taylor was on Shearer’s list of ‘untouchables’ but considering Beye, Owen and Bassong were apparently also on it, that would seem to hold little sway within the transfer decision-making. (more…)

Steven Taylor’s sweet tooth tempted by Toffees?

August 14th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looks like a flashback to the ’80s as the notion of us being a selling club starts to become reality.This time it looks like Steven Taylor could be out the door. If not, then we face a battle to keep him as Everton are apparently prepared to pay £8m to offer him the chance of Premiership football next season.

Whether you rate him or not, Taylor represents everything that you want from a player other than ablility (obviously). Dedication and loyalty, which are borne out of his roots to the club. His exit at St James’s Park really would herald an era, in which anyone is prepared to love us and leave us for better things.

Perhaps in today’s game it’s asking too much of players to look beyond their own cause and instead put something back into the club. However, if one person symbolises the affinity you can have with supporters then it’s Stevie Taylor, who despite his flaws is always fully commited to the cause and loves the club as much as us because he was and remains a supporter as well as a player. (more…)