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What has Captain Coloccini brought to the Newcastle armband?

October 12th, 2011 | 43 Comments |

Captain Coloccini: Level headed.
Captain Colocini: Level headed.
He’s come a long way since he joined the ranks of Newcastle United as a £10.3M Centre Back under the control of Kevin Keegan.

It’s probably debateable whether Keegan even wanted him in, but I don’t remember there being too much dissent when he transferred.

We all knew of him through his days playing for Argentina, so we expected big things from him. His first season started really well, putting in some top class, assured performances, starting away at Man. U. in the league. It was clear that he’d be a great acquistion. But as that ‘ill fated’ season progressed, things started to go wrong ‘upstairs’ at the Toon, all of which well documented, so I won’t go there. Suffice to say, Keegan ended up leaving, the club went into turmoil, a series of caretaker managers presiding over the drop down to the Championship by the end of that chaotic season.

After the “deadwood” was shipped out, the players that stayed got their heads around plying their trade one league down. Some of our ‘better’ players hung around, when no doubt they could have moved on to top league clubs, Fabricio Coloccini being one of them. (more…)