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Newcastle: United by faith, hope and stories?

July 6th, 2009 | 62 Comments |

If you can't say WHEYAYE, you're not coming in!
If you can't say WHEYAYE, you're not coming in!
Those Keegan years seem a long time ago, don’t they? The days when we were  everybody’s second team, when The Entertainers indirectly earned Sky a fortune as punters flocked to subscribe. When people admired and respected us and the North East was regarded highly as a region and so too were we as a group of canny, devout football followers. A bit daft maybe but ultimately a loyal, passionate and decent bunch of merry black and white-clad, funny talking hopefuls.

But on current form it seems the club is a long-running circus and we the fans are the biggest joke on the stage. Yet also disliked for our arrogance and a perceived lack of grace and humility. Oh for the days when we were proud!

Mind you, how much of a stuff do we really give about what people think? I mean seriously though? (more…)