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Time waits for no man but Shearer waits for us?

July 25th, 2009 | No Comments |

Have a little patients
Have a little patients
So, as ever, the situation at St James’ is as clear as the River Tyne. One minute we hear Rob Lee lamenting the missed opportunity as Big Al is apparently certain to walk away in frustration. And already we hear those claims being rubbished on the same day by our favourite fellow ‘the source’.

The source said:

“There is no chance Alan will give up on becoming Newcastle United’s permanent manager. He will not walk away and he continues to wait for news regarding the sale of the club.”

Being brutally honest, it sounds like the wishful thinking of a fan. In fact, it’s not far off from what I’m thinking or at least hoping, despite a previous article in which I implied that Shearer will be reaching the end of this tether. After all, how long can Shearer sit around waiting for a decision one way or another before it gets just a little bit silly? Yes, he’s black and white through and through but that loyalty should not be abused. (more…)

Walking in a Shearer wonderland?

July 24th, 2009 | 9 Comments |

Biting his tongue?
Biting his tongue?
Does anyone really know what’s going at St James’? According to Big Al’s big pal, Rob Lee, even he hasn’t a clue.

Talking to the press, Rob had this to say:

“I speak to Alan every day and he’s frustrated to say the least. He’s coming to the end of his tether now. He’s waited for ages and been told that things were due to happen, but nothing has and he’s very frustrated.

“He organised all the pre-season games at the end of last season but he also had targets in mind that he wanted to bring in to the club. Now it looks like he will miss out on them.

“I’m amazed he hasn’t already told Newcastle that he doesn’t want the job any more, but there will come a point where he says, ‘You’re too late’.

“He still wants the job desperately but you can’t expect someone like that to wait forever. He’s not daft and they’ve had ample time to sort something out. (more…)