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Newcastle Utd Rising – NUFC Blog team interviewed on ESPN STAR.

April 25th, 2010 | 72 Comments |

NUFC Blog writers on the big rise and more!
NUFC Blog writers on the big rise and more!
NUFC Blog writers, Debbie Rozario (Geordie Deb), Steve Thompson (Bowburnmag), Simon Baker (Toonsy) and Paul Newsome (Workyticket) have been interviewed along ESPN Star’s Alvin Lee for “The Fans’ Voice” on the ESPN Star website.

We answered questions such as “What is the best or worst your club can achieve in the Premier League next season?”, “Who is your key player?”, “Which area of the team do you think needs strengthening?” and many (well, a few) more.

See the full ESPN Star interview here. (more…)

Howay American owners.

July 4th, 2009 | 19 Comments |

The famous drawl "Howay the Lads!"
The famous drawl "Howay the Lads!"
Today, as Americans celebrate cutting their ties with Great Britain after becoming an independent republican state free from British rule, wouldn’t it be ironic if some of their fellow country men were planning to strengthen their relationship with the Brits by buying Newcastle United, one of the nation’s most famous sporting institutions? As they wait for the outcome of the bids to be known do they have a grand vision already mapped out? Big plans to transform our poor bedraggled neglected club into an efficient, successful sporting colossus? If so I say bring them on. We so desperately need a bit of TLC. We need someone to put their proverbial arm round us and say you know what it’s going to be fine, I’m here now. I’m going to help you forget the hurt, the embarrassment, the anger, the humiliation of the past 10 years (give or take the small number of good memories) and turn those bad times into a positive future. I will make you feel good again. The cynics will say we’ve heard it all before, but an era with new professional owners and a decent level of investment will cause the champagne corks to be popping on Tyneside. (more…)

One of Newcastle United’s greatest goal scoring partnerships.

June 28th, 2009 | 23 Comments |

Ted Robledo
Ted Robledo.
With the ship’s captain charged and then acquited of the murder of Ted Robledo, one of the famous Robledo Brothers who played in United’s 1951 cup winning team, no-one was to ever find out the truth of what happened to Ted that fateful night. It was 1970 when the ship set sail from Dubai enroute to one of the oil rigs in the Gulf where Ted worked after giving up football. Some claimed a fight broke out between Ted and the captain but people who knew the mild mannered Ted said that was totally out of character and they didn’t believe it. Despite several trips by his family Ted’s body was never found and the truth to this day never uncovered.

Born in Chile to an english mother and chilean father, the Robledo brothers found themselves moving to England as small children when their home sick mother moved back to the small mining town in South Yorkshire where her family lived. After playing amateur football while working down the pit, George signed professional terms with Barnsley in 1943 when he was 16. On the opening day of the postwar season George was to score a hat-trick on his league debut. (more…)