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Probing the pension broker behind NUST.

February 4th, 2010 | 163 Comments |

SIPP Broker Ltd's Lynn Steele (right).
SIPP Broker Ltd's Lynn Steele (right).
The acronym “SIPP” (Self Invested Personal Pension) has recently become a familiar one to all those who have supported the NUST in their bid to drive owner, Mike Ashley, from St James’s Park. It is one of the primary financial vehicles used to persuade people to invest savings and pensions in the NUST’s Barack Obama inspired “Yes We Can” campaign.

In this story I will be looking at the financial brain behind the NUST, Lynn Steele, and her company, “The SIPP Broker Ltd”, in Halifax. Formed less than two years ago, the SIPP Broker Ltd’s rise has been not far short of meteoric, and it’s business development team includes figures such as ex Chelsea player, David Speedie, and ex ‘Spurs player, Graham Roberts, who were brought in to exploit oppotunities from the highly lucrative world of football.

It was Speedie who caused a huge furore in 2004 after referring to black people as “blackies” and “ni**ers” at a charity function, after agreeing with Ron Atkinson’s comments about black player, Marcel Desailly, who was described as a “lazy thick ni**er” by the veteran manager and pundit. It was Roberts who, in his capacity as a business development advisor for the pension selling firm, also fronted the “Fans 401” bid for Newcastle United some time ago.

On that bid, Lynn Steele said in an interview with the Halifax Courier:

“The supporters’ trust is the key.” (more…)

Fan-owned Toon. Bet your pension on it.

August 31st, 2009 | 11 Comments |

Barcelona-style Toon via Roberts.
Barcelona-style Toon.
Remember Graham Roberts and his plan to put Newcastle United in the hands of the fans?

I thought that had faded into oblivion. In fact I thought it was a complete non-starter and imposed a reporting embargo on myself about it, but I’ve lifted it in the interests of amusement.

It seems this bid is still simmering away and Sky Sports are reporting that Graham Roberts thinks his chances of turning the Toon into a Barcelona-style club are 75%. Things didn’t get off to a good start though. Roberts said:

There’s a few people who have put some money together, we went to meet the Newcastle board but they didn’t turn up. [Derek] Llambias didn’t show up, we had the financial director and the club secretary.”

That doesn’t sound too promising, although I suppose they could have sent the tea lady. (more…)

Room 101 for Fanbase 410’s bid for Newcastle?

August 21st, 2009 | 7 Comments |

Bid too good to be true?
Bid too good to be true?
You couldn’t make it up could you? Well actually, you probably could judging by the recent Mahjoob and Parkinsons pranks and judging by the tosh written in the media. So which prospective buyers are legitimate and which ones are realistically anywhere near to buying our football club?

Latest to take a bow in the spotlight of the media are Fanbase 410, headed up by ex-Tottenham, Chelsea, Rangers and England man Graham Roberts. Following speculation in the press, Sky Sports are reporting that the outcome of today’s meeting which involved Roberts, the front man for the consortium, and other 410 members as well as club directors and “prominent members” of the NUSC was encouraging. Presumably they didn’t get laughed out of the meeting room because frankly even the most optimistic Mag is sceptical at both the concept and timing of this bid.

However, before we look into the whys and wherefores of the situation this is what Roberts had to say –

“It was a positive meeting. Now we will sit down with the supporters. They want to run their own football club, and why not?

“I just work for the company that is putting this together. Newcastle supporters will pick their own president and the manager.

“It’s the same at Barcelona and Real Madrid. You never know, they could end up buying £60 million or £70 million players. It works for Barcelona, why not Newcastle United?” (more…)

Newcastle United – News Roundup – 19 August 2009.

August 19th, 2009 | 10 Comments |

Not leaving, says Hughton
Not leaving, says Hughton
The takeover farce is, as usual, suffering from conflicting press opinions.

First we hear from newspapers like The GuardianThe Telegraph and The Journal that Ashley arrived at the training ground in his gunship to join Llambias and Moat in takeover talks. Then The Chronicle comes along and says Ashley isn’t there for takeover talks at all but is merely dealing with some ‘routine paperwork’. The Chronicle’s ‘United source’ said:

It is nothing to get excited about, it was a routine visit, Mike was here to sign some paperwork relating to Damien Duff’s transfer and the launch of the third kit.

It is not the first time he has been at the training ground recently, and it won’t be the last.”

And Chris Hughton said of the visit:

He came in, wished everyone the best for the Sheffield Wednesday game, and just wanted to tell people he wouldn’t be at the match.”

So make of that what you will. I am however going to speculate. I think the reports about the takeover being sorted out by the end of this week are probably true. I would imagine that Ashley, if he stays, or any new owner would want at least a week to deal on the transfer market and I think if Ashley feels the bids are going nowhere by the end of this week he’ll pull the plug on the sale. So I’m thinking we’ll hear one way or the other by Monday at the latest. (more…)