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Ben Arfa to go on strike to try and force Toon move.

August 15th, 2010 | 159 Comments |

Ben Arfa on strike.
Ben Arfa on strike.
Hatem Ben Arfa has vowed never to return to Marseille, and is prepared to not play football all season to try and force Marseille into letting him join Newcastle.

It’s another twist in the strory that has given us all a good laugh over the summer, and as more details become public, it would appear it isn’t our club who are messing about.

The agent of the player, and now Ben Arfa himself have both said that Marseille set out the terms for Newcastle to take the player on a loan-to-buy deal. Newcastle then met all of those terms, to the point where the Marseille chairman said at the back end of last week that a deal was nearly done, but then they decided to shift the goalposts and block the move from happening. (more…)

Ben Arfa deal isn’t going to happen, but it was fun whilst it lasted!

August 13th, 2010 | 163 Comments |

Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
I am just about ready to put my neck on the block and say that I don’t think we will be getting Hatem Ben Arfa anytime soon, anytime at all in fact.

It’s my opinion that the protacted transfer saga has gone on for far too long for the move to materialise now.

I would be happy to be proved wrong mind, very happy in fact as I beleive that Ben Arfa has enough about him to become a real fan favourite at St James’ Park.

It seems that the player would like to come to Newcastle, as evidenced by the fact he stormed off in a huff when the Marseille president said he would be staying in France and not going out on loan. In fact I even think the player told the club that he wouldn’t be going back to Marseille, although if that is wrong then please correct me as I have just got in from work. (more…)