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Ben Arfa on Pardew: “I will submit to his authority while maintaining my philosophy”

January 17th, 2012 | 32 Comments |

Hatem Ben Afra talks about his previous problems and how things are going at Newcastle.
Problematic past behind him now?
Hatem Ben Arfa has been talking about some of the problems he’s faced in his career and how things are shaping up for him at Newcastle United.

Hatem Ben Arfa spoke to the French press yesterday about some of the problems that have plagued his life and footballing career to date and how they’re being addressed at Newcastle. Before going on, I should say that I used Google Translate and my grade 4 CSE French to translate a lot of this, so it might not be 100% accurate!

Benny starts by summing up the problems he had:

I gave off something negative. I had bad energy. I am loud. I always wanted to participate in conversations. I had enormous difficulty submitting to authority

He then goes on to say what he thinks the root cause of that ‘attitude’ was:

My father never told me ‘I love you’. He ran out of affection in my life. He never managed to externalise his feelings. I do not want him. My father had no father. He reproduces a pattern I am trying to break for me because I have to move forward.(more…)