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Marveaux clarifies his ‘first choice’ statement.

June 23rd, 2011 | 44 Comments |

...or was it?
Newcastle was not my first choice.
After yesterdays comments, Chateau Nouveau Unifie’s new signing Sylvain Marveaux, came out today in hopes of setting straight some things that may very well have been taken out of context, or as a not-so-wise man once said (I won’t name any names because workyticket deserves his privacy) – simply got lost in translation.

Yesterday he spoke exclusively to nufcTV and perhaps made an enemy of himself with some fans by claiming that Newcastle United was not his first choice of club. He also said a rather cryptic comment regarding meeting either the club or Hatem Ben Arfa at Clairefontaine without ever really specifying who this conversation was with – maybe it all happened in his head or maybe the conversation was planted in his subconscious while dreaming. We shall never know, sadly.

If truth be told, I was happy for the honesty he displayed. A lot of players read from a script and past players comments and it all gets a bit boring after a while. Hearing about how they were childhood fans and slept in their Fairs Cup replica shirt as a child that they bought from Toff’s during the families annual pilgrimage to St. James Park to worship Joe Harvey only sounds genuine to the ill of mind. (more…)

Toon injury woes self-inflicted?

January 9th, 2010 | 164 Comments |

Not enough help, or not helping himself?
Not enough help, or not helping himself?
Given the size of the current squad, Newcastle United can ill-afford any casualties in the coming weeks, and supporters are waiting with bated breath for signs of recruitments, just in case. But it seems like for now, either our fortunes have changed or the way our players are being looked after has, because injuries have been relatively few and the complications limited, in comparison to recent years. Or is it more to do with players and their attitudes?

Last season we had important players with long lay-offs and niggling reoccurring injuries that hampered their contribution to the cause, and ultimately that played a big part in things going pear-shaped. But the injury jinx has been around longer than just last season, at a club that has seen more than it’s fair share of injury nightmares.

Of course one of those players who suffered badly from injury during his spell at St James’ was Irish international full-back, Stephen Carr who never transferred the promise he showed before signing for us. Possibly much of that was due to his in ability to stay fit and command a regular place. Despite a relatively low fee for his services, seventy-eight appearances in nearly three seasons was not a good return and he never looked fit enough to be a Premiership full-back.

However, he wasn’t the only one to suffer from injuries, and there were particularly specific injuries that a number of players seemed to suffer from including tendonitis and hamstring injuries. Fans questioned the training methods and the quality of the facilities available. Even when Sam Allardyce turned up with his forward-thinking and scientific approach, we still suffered badly. And Carr has gone on record to say that it wasn’t necessarily the players who were the problem. (more…)

Newcastle ‘United’ as one big, happy family?

November 25th, 2009 | 4 Comments |

Loving it!
Loving it!
It was something we were crying out for and something even Big Al couldn’t muster amongst the n’er do wells that passed themselves off as professional footballers last season.

Having rid ourselves of some inflated-egos following the drop, we hoped for some solidarity this year. Unity in the camp and everyone pushing for the same things and nobody better or more deserving than anybody else. That way everybody would have each other’s back and we’d be a ‘team’ again instead of just individuals who happened to be wearing the same shirt and kicking in the same direction on a Saturday.

One thing we probably didn’t expect after relegation though was for this to be much fun for the players. Although some of us tried to see opportunity in adversity and treat it like an adventure, we didn’t expect a beaming squad of player at the prospect of capped wages and capacity crowds lower than five figures. However, Steven Taylor has gone on record to say that it’s all smiles around the training ground at the moment and it sounds like life couldn’t be better for the young defender. He said: (more…)