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James and the giant paycheck?

July 10th, 2010 | 94 Comments |

Perch's masive payday.
Perch's masive payday.
A rather interesting revelation has surfaced regarding our new recruit, James Perch, and particularly regarding the state of play with his wages at Newcastle United.

Perch sign a four-year contract at the start of the week and on the surface it looked like a decent deal. We got a player who can play in a number of different positions for what should have been a knock price, including the salary.

That was until Nottinham Forest chief Mark Arthur revealed that Newcastle United had offered to quadruple the wages the player was earning at the City Ground, and how it would be unfair on Perch if Forest stopped him from earning a much higher salary elsewhere, although the reported £1.2 million fee would have no doubt helped incite this sudden bout of goodwill. (more…)