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John Carver reveals more on Newcastle United’s scouting techniques.

October 8th, 2011 | 55 Comments |

John Carver: Spilling the beans on talent quest.
John Carver: Spilling the beans on talent quest.
In a break from the usual reflections by our silver supremo, Alan Pardew, his assistant, John Carver has given an interesting and fairly extensive glimpse into Newcastle United’s quest for more talent during the current international break.

Whilst awaiting a call from agent Pardew on where his next scouting mission will take him (apparently), Carver spilled the beans on the kind of things the club will be looking at in it’s current current talent quest for players who may have the NUFC ‘X-Factor’.

He revealed:

“We’ve made a decision on the players we grade highly, we will put together the data on them,” said Carver. “We’ve got a couple of analysts beneath the backroom team who put that together.

“If he’s a centre-forward we’ll look at his movement, his scoring, his fitness stats. Then we’ll look at his value in the current market depending on age. We’re quite thorough and we compare them to players in the Premier League. (more…)