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Jonas says “I am very happy here” and aims for 42 points

February 19th, 2011 | 6 Comments |

Jonas Gutierrez says he's happy at Newcastle United
"We need to get to 42 points"
Newcastle United’s Jonas Gutierrez says that he’s happy at the club and targets 42 points as the primary aim for this season.

I had a bad day yesterday with my articles, first thinking it was still January and then placing Tunisia in the Middle East.

It was pretty bad away from the blog too. We’ve been doing a bit of redecorating and purchased a set of ‘stairway ladders’, which are in four sections that pivot around three points and are – as the name suggests – supposed to allow you to reach awkward places in stairwells and such. Yeah right. It’s like trying to wrestle a giant steel octopus and the damn things pinch your fingers at every opportunity.

First of all they’re very heavy so a lot of huffing and puffing is necessary to move them around the stairs in the first place and then, when you get them to roughly where you want them, you have to manage these three pivot points to arrange them into a shape that lets you paint wherever you’re trying to reach. Unfortunately, whatever geometry they’re built to accommodate doesn’t appear to exist in this reality. They simply wouldn’t assume any sort of useful shape and they irritated me beyond belief. (more…)