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Nolan: Llambias reneged on verbal agreement

July 31st, 2011 | 65 Comments |

Nolan claims he was betrayed by Newcastle United.
Llambias speak with forked tongue?
Former Newcastle United captain Kevin Nolan believes the club forced him to leave and that Derek Llambias reneged on a verbal agreement.

Kevin Nolan was of course dumped from Newcastle amidst something of a furore. The player has now come out and spoken about his departure:

I envisaged spending the rest of my career at the club. I was settled, happy and I adored the supporters. I was captain of a huge club and played with a smashing group of lads I had untold respect for.

But ultimately I was forced out because I lost trust in key people at the club and when you lose trust in people it’s almost impossible to regain it.

From January and shortly following the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool, I was involved in ongoing discussions about signing a new contract between four and five years.

I discussed the deal at length with managing director Derek Llambias and even shook hands on it. In my book when you do that man-to-man you expect them to see it through. (more…)