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From Old Trafford to Tyneside or Wearside?

December 27th, 2009 | 16 Comments |

Proud to be a Geordie?
Proud to be a Geordie?
According to reports in the Sunday papers, Newcastle’s expected move to bring Danny Simpson in permanently from Man Utd could be scuppered by Geordie (sic) boss Steve Bruce, who wants him down the road at our less fortunate neighbours Sunderland.

The full-back’s loan deal runs out on the 18th January, and from all the reports we’ve heard and interviews he’s given, it would seem he’s very keen to make the move permanent. According to the rumours, there were representatives from Man Utd at the smogs game last week, in order to thrash out the details of a January transfer that would be likely to see us pay somewhere in the region of £1m-2m now rather than hang on until his contract expires in the summer.

But having had a stint down the A19 for Roy Keane a few years back, the speculation is that Steve Bruce would be tempted to bring him back up to Wearside again.

As with the Madrid rumour about Colo, this could be just that, a rumour. However, Danny Simpson has been part of an impressive defensive unit this season and has provided a reliable option at right-back and in covering at centre-half. The likelihood is that Simpson will be keen to continue his role in black and white but with the desire to get something more permanent, we’ll have to act quickly if our plans to sign him aren’t undercut by other suitors. (more…)

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?… no, it’s…”

October 7th, 2009 | 130 Comments |

Here to save the world!
Here to save the world!
With the air thick with takeover talk, real or imaginary, now feels like a good time to throw in a spanner, or two. It is widely acknowledged that, under impossible circumstances, Chris Hughton and his staff have done an astounding job thus far managing Newcastle United. With a pre-season filled with doom-laden mutterings of “Doing a Leeds”, crashing though the divisions and into financial meltdown….while nothing of the sort has transpired. There’s still time yet, of course, but to the untrained eye all in the garden looks rosey.

Let’s make an assumption. Let’s assume that Barry Moat’s bid goes sailing through and, within minutes, we have the mighty Alan Shearer at the helm. How do the collective feel about that? Is he a white knight riding in to save us or an egomaniac sating his need for attention, and doing us more harm in the process? As Stardust (and David Frost on ‘Through the Keyhole’ ) would say….”Let’s look at the facts”.

His managerial record:

Played 8, Won 1, Drew 2, Lost 5.

….it’s not great, it’s not even mediocre. But, is he really to be judged on eight, end-of-season, scrambled bunfights with a dispirited squad, and a ton of behind-the-scenes pressure? Arsene Wenger said, at the time of Shearer’s appointment, that any manager coming in, with 8 games left, and expected to turn things around. Well that man wouldn’t be a manager, he’d be a magician. (more…)

Oh Danny Boy – another Man Utd kid comes to Toon on loan

August 14th, 2009 | 28 Comments |

Oooh you devil!
Oooh you devil!
Nicely timed to contradict my previous article, comes news of our first signing. Take a bow Manchester United’s Danny Simpson, who we have taken on loan until January. The 22 year old has joined us in time to make the sqaud for our game against Reading and could and takes shirt No 12.

Simpson follows the recent path of Guiseppe Rossi who had a relatively unsuccessful spell on loan up here, mainly due to lack of opportunities. Having had a number of loans spells, notably at the new home of our old pal Big Sam at Blackburn Rovers, unfortunately he also sullied his reputation by turning out for the unwashed in 2007.

Having played over 50 first team games so far, he seems like a reasonable talent although as ever with Fergie’s fringe players, if he was good enough he’d have probably made it by now. Perhaps he’ll find his level in The Championship and do a job for us. (more…)