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Toon have one week to sign Erdinç or he’ll be offered elsewhere

July 31st, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Newcastle have one week to sign Mevlut Erding.
Decision time
Newcastle United have been given one week to sign Mevlüt Erdinç before PSG listen to bids from other suitors. Oh, and Joey Barton runs rampant on Twitter.

According to yesterday’s French press Newcastle have one week to tie up a deal to bring Mevlüt Erdinç to Newcastle.

Newcastle’s €7.5m (£6.57m) for the player has been accepted by Paris Saint-Germain and it’s now up to Newcastle to reach agreeable personal terms with Erdinç to complete the transfer. If they cannot manage to do this, Erdinç will be made available to the other clubs interested in him, such as Lille and Rennes.

Erdinç has previously said that he would prefer to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, but it seems that Kevin Gameiro and Guillaume Hoarau are already ahead of him in the pecking order of PSG’s strikers and it is thought that PSG – now backed by Arab money – may yet recruit another striker too.

Erdinç in fact began his last game on the right wing for PSG. It’s not the first time he has played there and he can be a versatile player, although it is thought that he much prefers playing up front. If that’s his priority then it will surely be more likely at Newcastle than PSG. (more…)

Slow news day: Erdinç, Routledge and non sequitur logic

July 30th, 2011 | 20 Comments |

No decision from Mevlüt Erdinç yet.
Will he or won't he?
Newcastle United were allegedly expecting a decision from Mevlüt Erdinç yesterday but no word of any decision has yet come out. Meanwhile, Swansea step up Routledge interest.

It’s Saturday, which as all people of a certain age know is Tiswas day and I think everyone in the football world is out flinging flans at people because there’s absolutely no news at all.

Elements of the press yesterday suggested that we wanted – nay, demanded – that Mevlüt Erdinç make up his mind about whether or not he wants to become a Toon player by the end of the day. For all I know we might have dispatched Graham Carr to attack electrodes to his nether regions and already have his decision, but any decision by Erdinç isn’t public knowledge if it has been made. (more…)

Work permit issues end Toon interest in Bangura. Erdinç decision expected today.

July 29th, 2011 | 34 Comments |

Teteh Bangura no longer allegedly a Newcastle United target.
Not on the radar anymore?
Newcastle United allegedly end all interest in Teteh Bangura while Alan Pardew is keen to get a decision from Mevlüt Erdinç by the end of today.

You have been spared my rambling nonsense for a few days due to the village I live in once again having had its telephone exchange stolen. To be more precise, it’s the copper wire that links the exchange to the houses in the village that was stolen. It’s really getting tiresome. I’m now on first name terms with some of BT’s customer service staff who are, I must say, polite, courteous and completely useless.

But I’ll spare you a rant about that and move on to Newcastle instead.

News hot off the (Daily Mail’s) press is that we’ve ended our pursuit of AIK striker Teteh Bangura after work permits delayed talks. The Mail has suggested that Manchester United are now interested in the player and that scout Martin Ferguson is off to watch Teteh play this weekend. (more…)

Non-news about Mevlüt Erdinç and real news about a 3-2 win over Utrecht

July 24th, 2011 | 23 Comments |

Newcastle United bid for Erding accepted?
Non-news IMHO
News about a bid for Mevlüt Erdinç may not in fact be news and Pedro’s boys get a result in Holland.

I’m a bit confused. News is doing the rounds that Newcastle have had a £6.5m bid for Mevlüt Erdinç accepted and that Alan Pardew was informed about the situation in the States.

I thought we’d already had a bid accepted by PSG anyway and that it was just the personal terms where things were being held up, so that bit saying that Alan Pardew was informed about matters threw me as that made it sound like a new thing.

The French press – which, rightly or wrongly, I tend to see as more reliable in terms of truth than our own – has nothing new to offer in relation to our potential interest in Erdinç and is only quoting the rumours in our own newspapers here and there.

I’m therefore of the opinion that this is a bit of a non-story. What I mean to say is that I’m pretty sure we are indeed pursuing Erdinç’s signature but that nothing has changed to prompt the ‘news’ appearing in the Sunday press. (more…)

Could first-choice striker promise yet persuade Erdinç to join Newcastle?

July 22nd, 2011 | 28 Comments |

Newcastle United still hope Erdinc could sign.
Deal down but not out?
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has not yet given up on the prospect of signing Mevlüt Erdinç despite the player’s apparent preference to stay at Paris Saint-Germain.

There may be some downtime in the transfer market while Newcastle tour the US, but speculation that the club haven’t yet given up their hopes of signing Mevlüt Erdinç continues. According to the press, anyway.

A little while back, Erdinç stated that his preference is to stay at Paris Saint-Germain after being given assurances that he won’t be completely sidelined but the incoming transfers of players like Kevin Gameiro and – potentially – Mauro Zarate.

In fact, Erdinç played for PSG on Wednesday in their pre-season match against Brighton, although he was used to plug a gap on the right wing after Guillaume Hoarau and Kevin Gameiro were give the two front positions. It’s possible that things like that might force Erdinç to reconsider a move to Newcastle where he would most likely be the first choice striker. (more…)