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Mick McCarthy knocks Newcastle.

May 19th, 2010 | 78 Comments |

McCarthy, pictured left.
McCarthy, pictured left.
With the new season still a distant dot on the horizon Wolves manager Mick McCarthy has today decided to have a pop at Newcastle United.

The former boss of our unwashed friends from down the road, and current professional look-a-like for Sesame Street character, Sam The Eagle, has questioned the credentials of Newcastle United for the forthcoming season.

It’s thought among neutrals and bookmakers that The Toon may just be alright next season, and should survive rather comfortably, something which a lot of our fans don’t neccesarily agree with. It’s also been mentioned that the Premier League will be a lot stronger next season with the inclusion of us and West Brom adding to the overall quality of the league. Not so reckons Sam Mick, who appears to have a different viewpoint to the bookmakers. (more…)