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Mike Ashley: Bringing dignity and pride back to Newcastle United?

September 4th, 2011 | 38 Comments |

Mike Ashley stripping and flagellating himself.
“Get ’em off Mikey boy.”
As published in today’s ‘People‘ newspaper, this is a photo of Newcastle United’s proud and dignified owner, Mike Ashley, doing a striptease and flagellating himself to Tom Jones’s “You can leave your hat on” from the soundtrack of “The Full Monty” film.

According to the newspaper, Ashley was pictured at a birthday celebration for a Sports Direct employee at a Chinese restaurant near the company’s headqurters in Mansfield. It reported that:

“As he undressed, workers yelled “More” and “Get ’em off Mikey boy.”

Then quoting from a reveller at the Ash bash, it read:

“Mike was in great form. The DJ started playing that song and all the blokes were egged on by the girls.

“Mike was one of the first up, to applause and cheers. He didn’t think twice about stripping, ­especially as he’d sunk a few pints.

“Mike gets stick from some people but he’s a brilliant boss.” (more…)