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Mike Ashley’s transfer spending currently stands at -£45.7 million.

July 18th, 2011 | 106 Comments |

Newcastle United's transfer warchest yesterday.
Newcastle United's transfer warchest yesterday.
On looking at Mike Ashley’s transfer spending in the last four seasons, it appears that in total, the club’s overall spending on transfer fees have been by far the lowest in the Premiership, with the club showing a profit of approximately £45,700,000 in the club’s transfer dealings for the 08/09, 09/10, 10/11 and the current 2011/12 seasons (so far).

Just to qualify the above, this figure does not include a series of diasastrous signings made under the previous regime of Freddy Shepherd, Douglas Hall and Sam Allardyce, some of which, though technically finalised shortly after Ashley gained control of the club, but were made under the previous administration. These include players such as Geremi, Alan Smith and Cacapa. However, if all the signings made in that season were included whether they were made under Ashley or the previous owners, spending would still show a deficit of approximately -£41.05 million from the the 07/08 season to the present day, as the clubs spending in that season amounted to approximately £7.65 million. It should also be mentioned that the club’s overall wage costs have also fallen dramatically since Ashley assumed ownership of the club, though in defence of this seeming lack of expenditure on the club’s playing staff, a Mr A.Pardew had this to say on the club’s transfer dealings: (more…)