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Striker rumours: Erdinç, Long and Petric

June 28th, 2011 | 40 Comments |

Mackems to pip Newcastle to Shane Long?
Are we interested?
Newcastle United continue pursuing Mevlüt Erdinç with a £6.94m bid and the Mackems are allegedly about the ‘pip’ us to Shane Long.

According to the French press, our current bid for Mevlüt Erdinç stands at €7.75m (£6.94m) but it is reported that Rennes has now also entered the race to sign the French-born Turkish striker. Rennes have been on the lookout for a striker since Moussa Sow left for Lille last year.

The French press says that the €11m PSG are asking for Erdinç is likely to price Rennes out of things, but they might be able to match the €7.75m we’ve asked and provide Erdinç with an option to remain in Ligue 1.

Galatasaray and Lille are also said to be interested in the player although, from what I can gather, those clubs are less likely destinations for Erdinç.

Given how much more careful the French press seems to be than ours about separating conjecture from fact, I’m inclined to believe that we have indeed bid £6.94m for the player and are most certainly in hot pursuit of him. (more…)