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Frantic transfer deals needed at Newcastle United.

July 2nd, 2009 | 42 Comments |

Smith & Taylor - staying or gannin'?
Smith & Taylor - staying or gannin'?
The general consensus in the press is that things will reach a conclusion regarding Newcastle’s new owner soon. I don’t think the press actually have a clue who will be the new owner and I’m sure they just make most of it up, but I think they’re probably right that something will be announced by early next week.

Why do I think that? I don’t know – it just feels about right. Call it gut instinct. In fact let’s call it ‘sources close to the club‘ – my fictional sources are as valid as the fictional sources the press use.

So, let’s reword that: sources close to the club insist the new owner will be in place by next week. Now I’m sounding like a real journalist.

What I wanted to do was speculate as to what needs to be done in terms of players when the new owner takes over.

We have already started pre-season training and our first pre-season match is on Saturday 11th July. It’s feasible that the new owner will be in place by then and a new manager will have been appointed, particularly if that new manager is Shearer because he’s just sat around with his thumb up his bum waiting to get started. If the new owner doesn’t favour Shearer then it might take a bit longer to get a manager in place. (more…)