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For we’re the loyalest football supporters, the world has ever had!

September 22nd, 2009 | 41 Comments |

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Well maybe we are, and maybe we aren’t. But this isn’t actually about Newcastle fans, it’s partly about football fans in general and specifically, following their unenviable and ultimately fruitless journey to the North East, Plymouth Argyle fans.

After all, it’s the longest trip that can be made in the English fixture list and it’s a helluva roadtrip to make. So I think it’s only fair to doff my cap in their general direction, by way of acknowledging that it was a pretty good effort to get 2000+ of them safely ensconsced in the gods of the Leazes stand.

While they weren’t the noisiest supporters I’ve heard up here, they were in good spirits despite the 400+ mile trip, played their part and should be saluted for their efforts. (more…)

Escape to victory – Newcastle 3 Plymouth 1.

September 19th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

You'd think 'direct' would be our motto
You'd think 'direct' would be our motto
Well that’s certainly how it felt. I’ll cut to the chase on this one because I’ve got my GNR preparations and an early night ahead of me. And frankly most of today’s game was instantly forgettable. From Enrique’s elaborations, to Joey Barton’s wonky radar and then over to a lop-sided and blunted formation, there was much to brush under the carpet come 4.50pm this afternoon.

However, thanks to a timely substitution, the endeavour of young Ranger and the fact that Plymouth were on the whole pretty horrible, we walked away with three points and a slightly flattering scoreline. And given that results went our way, we’re sitting quite comfortably behind West Brom who hammered the Smogs 5-0 at home.

Hughton promoted Geremi and Lovenkrands into the starting line-up amidst raised eyebrows in the Upper Tier of the Sir John Hall stand. Although there was a general acceptance that Butt should be replaced by Smith in the middle of the park. The new fella started on the bench. And once again we went with an uninspiring 4-5-1 approach to the game. (more…)