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Ashley’s paper statement is in tatters.

June 4th, 2010 | 73 Comments |

Ashley's intent has fallen on deaf ears.
Ashley's intent has fallen on deaf ears.
It was a noble thought, a thought that was backed by many fans of NUFC, and a thought that was supposed to unite the Premier League.

This is of course the release of the statement a week or so ago in which Newcastle United stuck up for something that was in the national interest, by banning The Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday from St James’ Park, from press conferences, and from the training ground.

It was a move that was formed from the fallout of the Lord Triesman affair, and the impact that the whole debacle may now have on the chances of England hosting the World Cup in 2018. Mike Ashley cited this as a reason as to why such drastic acton had been taken, and urged the chairmen at other Premier League clubs to join in the boycott of the newspaper. They didn’t, and now it looks like it could be another blunder in the making for Newcastle United. (more…)