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Carroll for England?

November 8th, 2010 | 20 Comments |

Carroll for England?
Carroll for England?
It looks like Andy Carroll could be getting a call up for England, certainly if you believe what you read the press this morning anyway.

Various media outlets are speculating that Fabio Capello, who was at The Emirates yesterday, has now seen enough of Carroll to afford him a place in the national team.

Of course, the decsion to call Carroll up, if he does get the call, is helped by the fact that England are suffering a striker crisis at the moment.

Whilst Wayne Rooney being out doing whatever he is doing in the USA, Darren Bent being out for three weeks or more with a hernia injury and Jermaine Defoe yet to recover from an injury that has kept him out for several weeks now may make Carroll a default selection, it would also be harsh on the lad as his on-the-pitch performances have deserved the accolades and recognition of an England call-up. (more…)