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One Chrissy Hughton….

August 29th, 2010 | 110 Comments |

Hughton - A crowd favourite?
Hughton - A crowd favourite?
Chris Hughton has had to endure some critics ever since he became manager of Newcastle United, but the number of critics is most definately reducing.

Talking to fans in the stand at Molineux yesterday, there seemed to be a growing respect for the man that has overseen somewhat of a transformation at Newcastle in the last 12 months or so.

There is now a bond that seems to be forming between Hughton and the fans, and that was echoed by the chants of ‘One Chrissy Hughton’ from the stands, a chant that Hughton duly acknowledged by giving a wave. The groundwork for this bond was set last season as he led us to promotion, a 102 point haul, and The Championship trophy. He really couldn’t have done much more last year, but he still had to prove to some fans that he could cut it as a Premier League manager. He seems to be making a good fist of it thus far. (more…)

Hughton to be permanent manager by next week.

October 22nd, 2009 | 49 Comments |

New top man
New top man
Chris Hughton will be appointed as permanent manager of Newcastle United after the weekend’s visit from Doncaster.

Apparently Chris Hughton has been offered a £250,000 a year deal which is believed to be the same package that David O’Leary turned down in August.

I have no idea why O’Leary turned down the manager’s job at Newcastle United of course, but I would guess he feels he’s worth more than £250,000 a year even as an out of work manager coming into a Championship club.

£250,000 doesn’t seem a lot to me. Okay, hang on, £250,000 a year is a fair wedge of money to me and I could certainly afford a new hat on that sort of money, but I’m talking about in relation to players on our books who’ll be earning £2,000,000 a year. But I suppose market conditions dictate salaries and some players are simply valued higher than their managers.

Anyway, I presume Hughton’s happy with the deal and is looking forward to taking charge of the club even if it is only for the rest of the season.

Hughton talked about the team and our current rough patch yesterday, saying: (more…)

Newcastle board – ‘No Kinnear yet, so far’.

July 15th, 2009 | 7 Comments |

Joe relaxing as usual
Joe relaxing as usual
Newcastle United have released a statement on the official website to quash rumours in the media about the return of Joe Kinnear as manager at the club.

The Daily Mail (shudders) had suggested an announcement could be made today but the club has been swift to refute this with the following statement:

“Reports in the press this morning that Joe Kinnear is to be appointed as Newcastle United manager are not true.

The position remains that the Club is still in the market to be sold and is still negotiating with prospective buyers.”

It’s particular behaviour really, all things considered. It’s difficult to know what to read into it but why would the club feel inclined to refute spurious rumours all of a sudden? They undoubtedly realise what the reaction would be to such an appointment but then so much cr*p has been written recently they’d have to keep coming out with these statements on a regular basis. And do they really care how the fans feel or what we’re thinking? Surely, they’re just trying to get out of dodge asap? (more…)