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Newcastle can gain financially, IF they sign Ben Arfa.

August 14th, 2010 | 138 Comments |

Money can be made by signing players!
Money can be made by signing players!
Now you probably thought when you saw the headline that this would be yet another Ben Arfa article, correct?

Well it is, sort of, but I am more using his name to lauch into another tangent of thought, although these same thoughts can be applied to any player of a certain ilk in fairness.

As a fan, when you look at a transfer, all that we generally tend to look for is how much it cost and how much the player is getting paid in wages. That doesn’t change the fact that they are still assets though. Sulky, moody assets in the case of Ben Arfa, but an asset all the same. In many cases, money can be made by signing a player who pleases a crowd.

Go to any football game and you will see replica shirts all over the place, Newcastle fans are notorious for it in fact. Some of them have names on the back of the shirt, but there are a lot that don’t, and much like an empty advertising board, it is a space that gives the club an avenue to claw back some money on a transfer. (more…)