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Do Newcastle have an ace up their transfer market sleeve?

July 5th, 2010 | 25 Comments |

Does Hughton have some of these?
Does Hughton have some of these?
The question on the lips of a lot of Newcastle fans currently is: Who will be our first signing of the summer? We now know it will be James Perch, but is there a masterstroke to come from Newcastle United?

The goalposts have moved, slightly, from just scraping the bottom of the free transfer barrell to a now more widely recognised notion that we do have at least some money to use in the transfer market. I doubt it will be a lot, and in fact I very much doubt there is a budget as such, more likely a deal will only be sanctioned if it offers good value for the club, well that is my opinion anyway.

But does Chris Hughton have an ace up his sleeve? He has been keeping his cards close to his chest all summer long, and even recently called for privacy on the transfer front whilst he conducts his business. There is none of this drum-banging going on, like say at West Ham, who are spouting off about multi-million pound bids left, right and centre, which has amounted to them doing less business than us throughout the summer. No, no, we amble on quietly, frustratingly quiet, although Hughton has admitted that he is surprised by the calibre of player that has become available, players that he never thought would be available in the first place. (more…)